Thoughts after reading “Life in the Sea”

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I finished reading Mai Jia’s “Sea of ​​Life” some time ago. At first I didn’t quite understand the word “Sea of ​​Life”. I remember the first time I heard this word was in the song “Just Be Happy”. The lyrics in it There is such a sentence, but at that time I just heard it and did not delve into the meaning of these four words. After reading this book, I realized how broad and heavy these four words are. I use the words broad and heavy because I feel that the four words “life and sea” contain too much… A person’s life is full of ups and downs and unpredictable. In just a few decades, so many things have happened. Love, hate, ups and downs, countless joys and sorrows, are finally summed up in the words “life and sea”. How broad and heavy this is. The four words “life sea” are taken from the southern Fujian dialect, which probably means that life is as vast as the sea […]

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