Tired of Windows and can’t afford a Mac? Foreigners recommend you to try 9 Linux

What system are you using on your computer? The vast majority of people are obviously Windows systems, but after so many years, Windows has long suffered from aesthetic fatigue. Apple’s Mac system is very distinctive, but its habits are different. Moreover, Mac OS bundles Apple hardware, and the price is not affordable for ordinary people. .

In addition to Windows and Mac OS systems, what other options are there? That is Linux, but the problem with the Linux system is that it has too many versions, which makes people dazzling. There are at least hundreds of Linux systems on the market, and there are at least 270 listed on Distrowatch. It is difficult to choose.

Which Linux distributions are worth trying? The British website has recommended 9 Linux distributions based on various considerations. Some are known to everyone, and some are very popular but not well-known to the Chinese. Anyone who is interested can try them.

The nine Linux distributions are:

1. ChromeOS Flex

2. Ubuntu

3. Linux Mint

4. Debian

5. Fedora

6. openSUSE

7. A RHEL spin-off

8. Pop!_OS

9. Arch Linux


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