Today is Tanabata Festival~

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I said that the girls on the street and the company are all dressed up so beautifully and immortal today~~ It turns out that they are all for their sweethearts… Speaking of the Qixi Festival, the Cowherd and Weaver Girl meet once a year, This year is a year on earth… but one day in the sky and one year on earth. . . Wouldn’t that mean that the Weaver Girl can see the Cowherd every day, while the Cowherd can only see the Weaver Girl once a year? ? ? What a miserable Cowherd… Let’s see what marriage has brought to men… But I still wish everyone a happy Qixi Festival~~ Today I’m going to give Wanwan military training! ! ! come on! ! ! The cutest people! ! ! Unless otherwise specified, it is Li Fengdi’s blog – LiFengdi.Com’s original article, reprints must be marked with a link to this article link […]

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