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During this period of time, the epidemic situation in our county was serious, and we had no intention to update it, so that we almost cut off the idea. It really shouldn’t be.

Thinking about making a plan for myself, I update 500 words every day, and see if I can stick to it. A small article of 500 words can’t be kept as a running account like before. I set the theme and write it myself, I hope I can stick to it like this. go down.

Tomato Novel is a novel software that I discovered recently. I saw it on Douyin in my spare time. I want to talk about this.

I have always liked to read novels. It started from junior high school. At that time, it was an old-fashioned computer with a memory card. At that time, I downloaded novels in Internet cafes and read them. I read them in get out of class, after class, and when I was sleeping. Now I wear glasses for a large part of the reason I read novels at that time. At that time, I still read paper books, but it was inconvenient, so reading e-books continued like this.

I basically haven’t read it in the past few years, because most of them feel too naive. They are all the routines that I have seen before, and I like the type of reading physical books, but if you ask me to buy books, I have to Think about it for a long time, and then let it go.

Growing up, I liked history very much, and I often read books and stories about it, but I chose science in the end, and I didn’t understand this.

In my opinion, the paper version is a kind of book that needs to be read in a calm mind. For the less rigorous books such as novels, I think it is enough to read the electronic version. When reading the paper version, I feel that I can’t stand it anymore. Of course, this It doesn’t affect the way I like the paper version.

Tomato novels are different from the previous ones, they are purely cool, and now I can’t read the kind that develops slowly. It’s superficial, I feel that online novels should be so serious, and they are not classics. The author just wants to increase traffic to make money, and readers like it.

Reading this kind of novel also achieves some of my own goals. That kind of unpleasantness doesn’t exist at all. It’s like the reader is creating according to himself, which is very nice.

I want to say, who cares, the type of tomato novels is Shuangwen, and Shuang is right, isn’t it?

After I finished writing, I quickly called the head of the household in my grid to inquire about the situation.

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