Tongyu Auto completed nearly 200 million yuan A+ round of financing


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Chuangyebang learned from the media that recently, Tongyu Automobile announced the completion of nearly 200 million yuan in A+ round of financing. Xiaomi Industry Investment and Dongfeng Bank of Communications jointly led the investment, Anting Industrial, Jinbang Capital, Tongchuang Capital and Ruomu Capital increased their investment, and Wuyuefeng Capital continued to increase investment.

Shu Qiang, the founder and chairman of Tongyu Automobile, said that this round of funds will be mainly used for R&D investment in the core high-level technology of the wire-controlled chassis, the recruitment of outstanding talents, and the construction of the headquarters and R&D center to strengthen the core components of the wire-controlled chassis of Tongyu Automobile. Leading advantages in the field, promote the innovation and upgrade and share increase of core products such as EHB (two-box), iEHB (one-box), EPB, ABS, ESC, etc., and provide independent and controllable domestic core components for major OEMs And high-quality services, to contribute more to the development of China’s intelligent driving and new energy vehicles.

Tongyu Auto has achieved large-scale and mass market validation of intelligent braking systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and unmanned vehicles. In 2021, Tongyu Auto’s sales have exceeded 120 million yuan, making it an independent brand with the largest market share in the brake-by-wire system segment.


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