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  • “This is a watershed in the investment of Internet giants. Now it can be clearly seen that whether Tencent, Ali, ByteDance, and Meituan have all slowed down in terms of investment rhythm. In the past, investments along traffic and platform logic have slowed down. Cases are hard to find… Entering the era of hard technology, the popularity of Internet CVC has disappeared, but non-platform CVCs with technological attributes such as Huawei Hubble and CATL are slowly occupying the mainstream stage. Unlike the Internet, the cycle of hard technology is longer and investment The stakes are extremely high, and it requires huge capital investments. … It’s unlikely that there will be a “sole winner” of a super-giant like the Internet.”
  • “Stop rolling, come to Southeast Asia”
  • “I know that a lot of people have very strong and clear plans that they’re going to follow through regardless. However, we are exposed to countless external influences, the vast majority of which are unpredictable. So my philosophy is to stay mobile. “…”My only plan is to keep working…I like to adjust my course every day rather than planning the path ahead to the future.” “”
  • “Main Metrics”
  • When the decision is executed downwards, it is only necessary to simplify
  • “In essence, their group is rational, pragmatic, agnostic and discerning. They have no particular ideology.”
  • GDP protection campaign
  • Out-of-control businessmen and greed


  • mindless, stupid
  • Be confident, be certain, be fearless
  • how to mint everyday
  • A whole wound…
  • The wanderer and the hometown, who carries who?
  • way of interacting with the land
  • It’s the beginning of autumn, and the mosquitoes start to go crazy
  • “…In my opinion, it can be expressed in one sentence: a talk show is a kind of truth, or a talk show is the truth. This truth is definitely not in an objective sense, it is the actor expressing the truth in his eyes.”
  • Unclear division of labor, unclear responsibilities
  • “Right of Arrangement, Right of Archives, Right of Collection, Right of Transfer, Right of Destruction”
  • Oh, it seems that there is no clear channel for destruction rights
  • I always see people saying that there are many idlers during the day
  • “…I always feel that language (including talk shows), I don’t want to make some definitions now, as long as it is an art form that makes money by talking to people offstage, you should feel very lucky, because you It’s a performance advantage that humans have innately possessed.”
  • “…Education doesn’t mean you come to learn from me, but what kind of person I guide you to become. Deyun Club’s success today is not because everyone is a genius, but because we have a large number of long-term Stage practice, practice practice and practice, nothing but practice, everything comes from practice. Everything I have mastered in practice, most of the things I can understand, have nothing to do with what I have learned before, or in other words It’s a very small percentage.”
  • “…What is the core of being able to become a talent and an angle? I can sum up in one sentence, in the long-term stage practice, to polish the cute and wise aspects of one’s own humanity. Polishing is like polishing a bronze ware, it Maybe it’s stained, maybe the skin is thick, you polish it slowly…”
  • “…The job we can do is to provide him where to polish and when and how to polish it. We can’t tell him how to polish it, or what it looks like. Don’t teach him how to go up, down, and left. To the right, it doesn’t matter.”
  • “…In the basic education of language comedy, there really needs to be some things that seem to be stereotyped. For example, when we learn the name of the dish, we have to follow the version of Master Shao Ma (Ma Zhiming), word by word, word by word. If you want to act badly, you can say that you can pinch the watch, just follow the time and size. At the time, I thought it was very dogmatic, but later I thought it was a necessary process, because you can only get down and go seriously like this. Only after you learn something that may not be completely correct can you know exactly where it is incorrect. This process is something you won’t understand unless you become a fool first. This is what my master said, you must first become a fool, and so on. When you are not stupid, you have completed a growth process, and everything is learned from your practice, which is very important.”
  • “…some may be wrong, some may not be suitable for you, you have to know why it is not suitable for you, and then you have to gradually change from the unsuitable to the suitable, and the impact of this process on you is very important.  … (Questioning the dogma Those who persist in trying) are often the ones who understand in the end.”
  • But not everyone can adapt to this phase, or have the patience.
  • To break tradition and innovate, one must first be able to identify the signified of the classics. Mistakes are not taken into account here.
  • From another perspective, the successor can only be a similar person
  • Alienation and transformation of tradition skillfully and timely is a craftsmanship
  • Language is also a kind of classic (form). Classics generally only carry human nature, perceive and meet needs, and can only rely on practice, innovation and precipitation.


  • mark Feizheng is discussing whether to apologize for the accent in this issue. The hometown is a door without keys. Cross talk actors talk about talk shows. They make micro-innovations based on specific routes and forms (relying on personal practice), and talk shows are based on new forms. , but the goal is the same to be able to express accurately and relate to local accents, but we are slashing diversity, someone in the AI ​​generation art group said, “To replace CG artists with AI, Party A must be able to Describe exactly what you want, so we are safe.” What I immediately thought of was that CG artists need to understand Party A accurately, but it’s not easy, so the commonality returns to “accuracy”, why don’t we think about how to preserve and spread the “precise” that everyone has had an epiphany
  • Imprecise results are hard guesses, but also seem to leave room for fun
  • Mark cation said that her way of exploring the city is to go deep into the pores of the city, traversing and exploring from the center to the periphery. I think she at least has a collection addiction or a huge amount of experience recycling, but those who admire the richness of urban life (especially Shanghai) And now, obviously even her 10% can’t be reached. Based on this experience, where is the accuracy?
  • Of course, I may be more pitiful, and I can’t reach 1%.
  • Dream. Octopus divides the world, very broken
  • “The declining housing market and consumption”
  • Featured Dew Leaf Tribute


  • silence after drinking
  • do not speak
  • “The main mission has not been decided”
  • The last episode, the intensive time machine topic, face regret, compensation and forgiveness


  • Monopoly channel monopoly demand
  • Ben 4 people watch Ben 2 people
  • Imported tobacco gradually resumed supply
  • “The social media giant Meta once admitted that without personalized advertising, small and micro enterprise advertisers will reduce sales profits by more than 60% for every dollar spent on average. … For overseas brands that are highly dependent on overseas digital advertising to reach users , the environment is no longer friendly.”
  • In the follow-up to the last cleaning auntie, the surveillance found the hit-and-run person, negotiated in person, and refused to apologize in front of the police, a 40-year-old single man who was coaxing (the aunt said that such a person could not be married and had no empathy) , the police went to do something else and asked them to talk alone. The other party offered a compensation of 1,000 yuan. The aunt said that was not enough, and it was at least 1,500 yuan after a whole week of lost work. The man looked shocked and did not accept it. The police came back and knew the situation. Then he said, “It’s only 1,500!” The man’s attitude changed immediately after hearing this, and the apology and indemnity ended soon. The aunt said she understood, naturally she wanted less. Later, my friend learned that this kind of escape case is generally in the range of 3,000 to 5,000, because if the negotiation fails, it must go through legal procedures, and if it comes up, it will be detained for 7 days and the case will be fined. The court has no room for negotiation. Auntie sighed again, and I asked if there is any supplementary insurance, and I can still reimburse the medical expenses of 300 to 500 yuan. Auntie said to ask, but I don’t understand.
  • Insurance is really a necessity of urban life… Risks are everywhere. Only by spending money to complete as comprehensive protection as possible can some insecurities be eliminated.
  • It took a long time to believe in “a hundred days of broken bones”
  • I also talked to my aunt that many old injuries when I was young will not have follow-up for many years. She said that she had a car accident when she was just about 30 years old, and was paid by a taxi driver for 150 yuan. She thought it was all right and repaired the bicycle. It cost 120 yuan, but after many years, I accidentally discovered that the knee meniscus had been slightly torn, and two small pieces of bone were lost. The radiograph and surgery cost nearly 2,000 yuan, and the injury left on the back, It gradually turned into a small sarcoma, and it grew bigger and bigger, and it would still stink when sleeping on a hard bed. I met a doctor in a cancer hospital and asked for advice. The other party said it was benign and it didn’t matter.


  • Dream. Blood was taken from the lateral thoracic blood vessels, but repeatedly refused to be advised repeatedly. After agreeing, a small hole was left. The dark red viscous solid was discharged continuously. Feeling dizzy, the nurse went to find someone to plug the hole, and the black hole seemed to be breathing on the side of the body
  • “It will come naturally if you do more”
  • The difference can only be seen after many years
  • How to deal with drought and lack of food?
  • B Lab Global Site B Corp Certification (or B Lab Certification) is a private certification issued by the global non-profit organization B Lab for for-profit companies. B Lab facilities are located in the US, Europe, South America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. To achieve institutional accreditation, accrediting companies need to pass a series of online assessments and achieve a minimum score. The online assessment mainly covers social and environmental impacts. Certified businesses need to incorporate the relevant commitments from business owners to shareholders required by B Labs into the company’s internal charter.
  • If it is not in sight, there will be no cure
  • chat effect
  • I finished listening to the voice last night, it sounds good
  • Life stops, creativity goes first
  • It’s okay to do it again
  • Going back to the starting point, life can gradually be taken into account. I started this way more than ten years ago.
  • the moon represents my kidneys
  • I thought it was the finale, but another season appeared…
  • Treat the ring as Chengdu


  • “Social innovation”, “Go home”, “I don’t want my life to be occupied”
  • The choice of passive obedience by the majority. When the law comes, the head is broken and blood is broken.
  • It’s not that you don’t look old, it’s that you’re not used to getting old
  • I can’t drive, my back hurts
  • Why do I feel that the volume of the post-20s is generally a bit large
  • The fence at the entrance of the park was removed, which is interesting
  • Before it became literature, literature was also dark matter
  • Capital, power and the law are allied together, the people, suffering and truth are allied, which side of the public opinion stands
  • destination, destination, death, oblivion
  • (Hua Deng first appeared on S3E5)
    • “Your ex-husband is really a SULA/pawn”
    • “SULA can live well and live confidently”

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