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  • An industry spawned by six variables: driving school (teaching of complex subjects)
  • Reducing variables is bound to be a good thing
  • “Stalling soon” “The first speed, the second direction, if the speed is too fast, there is nothing left” “The clutch is as thin as a piece of paper, you have to feel it” “My theory” “The speed should be a little bit, too many choices when it is too slow , it is easy to make mistakes” “If the resistance to turning back to positive is small, of course the speed will be faster”
  • “In the 19th century, there were French doctors who observed that two people who were close (and possibly more) would support each other, maintain a common bizarre fantasy, and appear to the outside world to be crazy. It was right and proper for them. The French define it as a disease and yet this cannot be called an anomaly, how can it be called a disease, especially a common form of this disease, in which one first goes mad, because he is in a pair (or in a group of people) )’s status is important, and other people follow it, who can say that this is a rare thing?”
  • “In my opinion, whether it’s two people or multiple people, if in an intimate conversation, in the resonance that is formed, facts have less and less place, it’s more and more difficult to accept the facts, discover or create another type of Facts are more and more needed, so that’s about it, it’s time to forget about Guan Bao Fan Zhang, and it’s time to remember Guan Ning cutting the seat.”
  • There is no prior, the simulator mentioned in the “Complex” book also removes the prior and has no initial value
  • “From the perspective of product structure, from January to July, the export value of China’s mechanical and electrical products and labor-intensive products increased, especially the growth of automobiles. In the first seven months, China’s export of mechanical and electrical products was 7.57 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.1%, accounting for 7.57 trillion yuan in total exports. 56.6% of the value, automatic data processing equipment and its parts and components 918.2 billion yuan, an increase of 4.4%; mobile phones 494.63 billion yuan, an increase of 2%; automobiles 175.74 billion yuan, an increase of 54.4%….Clothing and clothing accessories increased by 13.5%; textiles increased 11.9%; plastic products up 16.3%.”
  • “In the first seven months, imported grain was 92.078 million tons, down 7.1%, and the total import price was 322.66 billion yuan, up 15.9%. Among them, imported soybeans were 54.167 million tons, down 5.9%, and the average import price was 4287.5 yuan per ton, up 25.5%. Imported fertilizers were 5.333 million tons, down 10.7%, and the total import price was 17.79 billion yuan, up 69.3%. Imported pulp was 16.942 million tons, down 6.2%, and the total import price was 78.10 billion yuan, up 4.9%.”


  • “Sun Art Retail Co., Ltd. is a Chinese retail operator company under the Alibaba Group. It operates hypermarkets in mainland China under the RT-Mart and Auchan brands.”
  • China Resources Vanguard VANGUARD, Wumart WU-MART
  • Online shop for door-to-door pest control service, customer service is Xiaoqiang
  • “Three Presents (Site, Object, Reality)”
  • self develop
  • I roughly feel that President Shen felt that it was difficult to chat with me before.
  • Be ready to adapt to the right cycle and the right time
  • “Intelligent diagnosis and treatment. For the diagnosis and treatment needs of common diseases, chronic diseases, frequently-occurring diseases, etc., based on the large-scale construction of database knowledge bases in the medical field and intelligent medical infrastructure such as large-scale medical artificial intelligence model training, the use of artificial intelligence can make evidence-based diagnosis and treatment decisions. technology, and establish a new model of artificial intelligence-enabled medical services. Focus on county-level hospitals and improve the level of primary medical services.”
  • “Intelligent education. Aiming at the key links of preparation, teaching, training, testing, and management in youth education, using key technologies such as learning cognitive state perception, smart learning and smart classrooms that teach in different places without perception, to build a virtual reality integration and cross-platform support. The basic environment for intelligent education, focusing on primary and secondary schools in underdeveloped areas, supports the development of demonstration applications of intelligent education, improves the coverage of high-quality educational resources, and helps rural revitalization and the implementation of the national education digitalization strategy.”
  • It’s nice not to be taken out to meet clients
  • When I was eating buns downstairs at noon, I felt that I would never leave, and I didn’t know when I would be able to leave.
  • I haven’t slept with my mouth closed for two days, my lips started to peel
  • “Life of the People”


  • Extreme Weather and Systemic Crisis
  • Production will be limited, and supplies will gradually become scarce… The economic chain has been broken for a long time, and it will not be relieved.
  • “Promoting the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises into an important birthplace of innovation”


  • How can there be a rich boy brother who has changed his ways
  • The price of coffee beans has risen dramatically
  • If there is love, it will not disappear, don’t worry about passing away
  • Minority recognition is long-term
  • From barrenness to abundance and back to loneliness
  • The Second Service Gives Faith


  • Don’t overfill yourself
  • Where did the idea of ​​unwillingness come from
  • “The River That Can’t Go Back”


  • The prosecutor’s internal pass is almost over in a blink of an eye
  • You’re holding stinky feet now
  • hard not to look down on
  • I don’t know
  • no intersection


  • silence after drinking
  • Men who advocate women’s rights with currently known information that is not understood by women
  • Chaos, numb
  • you will be human
  • hide yourself
  • “It depends on the person”
  • “What should I do XXX”
  • “I’ll do what I’m supposed to do”
  • Re-division of labor, natural reform

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