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  • Details are fine when trying to explain
  • Correct the desire to reread (buried)
  • artistically complex
  • heated up again
  • post-order self
  • Traversal learning, mistakes are beneficial
  • Information science is currently known to be very slow. Stubborn (opinion).
  • try writing a story
  • Hainan is like this…


  • energy efficiency. Electric motors (small motors with power less than 10 watts: 30% to 60%; motors with power between 10 watts and 200 watts: 50% to 90%; motors with power over 200 watts: more than 99%). Household refrigerators (about 20% for low-end systems and 40-50% for high-end systems). Light bulbs 5% to 10%. Photosynthesis is about 6%. Muscle 14% to 27%. Internal combustion engine 10–50%. Wind turbines up to 50%.
  • Midjourney, Basic Membership, 10USD/month, Limited use (200 images/month)
  • Instantly changing thinking is three-dimensional thinking


  • glasses folded hhh (from the middle)
  • subject for linkage
  • “Clear and execute”
  • Think first, then summarize details
  • “The saying ‘all consumer products are worth doing all over again’ is not wrong in itself, but very few people are thinking about who should do it all over again. That’s the core question.”
  • “But few are thinking”
  • Pausing is the right thing to do
  • There is no RIP for consumer products
  • Someone was crying by the cool autumn wind
  • Emerging humans are accustomed to interacting with screens


  • Where does the sense of achievement come from? (Currently) it should be the feeling of looking beyond the surface to see the essence and being successfully verified many years later.
  • The editorial department of Cosmos Exploration and the Anatolian Leopard have a second light, but they have grabbed the Son of Fish!
  • “…Investment institutions are also looking for new breakthrough directions such as manganese, silicon anodes, and organic materials. Manganese batteries also have low requirements for density and life, but they are cheaper and more suitable for application scenarios such as two-wheeled electric vehicles. Silicon anodes The next generation of new materials will be better in terms of endurance, energy density and other indicators, and the market generally expects that products will be produced within five years, and mass production may be possible within ten years.”
  • Unconscious praise, unconscious out of control
  • A lot of the vote-seeking groups are asking for the editorial department and NON… Sure enough, this year’s film selection coincides with the hot spots…
  • manufacturing transaction
  • Why have I been so fond of saying “equivalent” lately
  • Vita lemon tea yyds
  • ka~
  • The currently known information is easy to lose control


  • good brother fist
  • Can’t figure out why
  • They clearly know what to say, but the other party doesn’t understand them. TA only knows how to resist blindly.
  • There is no fate, it can only be a generational person
  • People of the same generation may not necessarily become gangs
  • Do archives, do something with the memory of the times
  • Inner loop? Bullshit!
  • Obsessed with other generations, like someone twenty years older than me looks at me (provided he is curious)
  • I always think of myself so philosophically, precisely because I don’t know anything
  • whimper
  • “The number of coffee stores in third-tier cities has grown the fastest, reaching 19%. Meituan’s takeaway data shows that the number of coffee orders in third-tier cities has nearly doubled year-on-year, and coffee orders in fourth- and fifth-tier cities have increased by more than 250% year-on-year. There is huge potential for coffee in the sinking market. .”
  • “The raw coconut latte has been the king of explosions in the past two years. The fresh coconut milk brings a fresh and rich taste, which quickly swept the cafes across the country. Others such as velvet latte, thick milk latte, vanilla latte, oat latte, etc. The coffee taste has also been welcomed by users for a long time. In terms of taste, Chinese coffee has shown strong innovation; the plant-based products represented by raw coconut, oat and soy milk are also being welcomed by the market.”
  • Wolken. Buch von Hermann Hesse (Insel Verlag)
  • “What is more precious now is: one is to have a sense of direction, and the other is to have continuous execution. A sense of direction does not mean that as long as you are bold, but you need to understand the opportunities brought by a few trends. … Are you able to Take a long-term view and be more resilient. This is not to say that it is not good to grab short-term opportunities, but 99% of people love it. If you choose short-term, your opponents will be the most involution at most, and the winning rate may be the lowest. So there is a sense of direction. A person who can persist for a long time has a much higher chance of winning.”
  • “The talents from 1 to 10 to 100 stages later will have some differences. First of all, I think they must have a certain degree of management maturity. Because the company has reached a certain size at this time, you have to make difficult decisions and trade-offs. If you don’t have a certain degree of maturity, it is difficult to make this kind of decision. The second is the ability of operation management. You will find that the more resources you give him, the better he will manage, but some People are getting worse. In complex organizations and businesses, mobilizing and allocating resources, operations and collaboration will be more important.”
  • “…The boss’ thinking means that you can look at problems from a more holistic perspective. Today, you are in charge of a department, a business or a certain position, and it actually has all the internal organs. For example, a customer success department, you look at it alone. This department, it’s a complete customer success company. When you think about it from the boss’s point of view, a lot of things naturally come out.”
  • “All sustained success is the inevitable result of organization, premeditated, careful planning, and sustained action. That is, if we want to create a sustained success, we must excel in organizing, designing, and planning, and supporting With our continued actions.” (full information)
  • “The point I always emphasize is discipline. Just like long-distance running, swimming or fitness, many people can do it for a day, a week or a month, but the effect is not obvious; when it lasts for one or two years, three, Five years from now, there will be good results.”
  • “From a demand point of view, energy storage can be applied in very diverse and complex scenarios, which can be divided into power generation side (renewable energy grid-connected, reducing solar and wind abandonment), grid side (power peak regulation, frequency regulation), user side (home, industrial and commercial users), transmission and distribution side, and auxiliary services (5G base station backup power), etc.”
  • “The domestic anti-new crown oral drug Azvudine Tablets is included in the “New Coronavirus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Program (Ninth Edition)”.
  • “Delicious food must have a wealth of information. I went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables by bicycle, walked and walked, and finally chose these ingredients. At the moment when my heart started, when I set off from home by bicycle, it was actually A relationship is established with food, and the thicker the relationship, the richer the experience. If you understand the producers behind the food, the relationship will be one step closer. If you grow some food yourself, your relationship with food will be That’s too deep. I planted half an acre of land last year, and I really experienced it. Similarly, from this perspective, the relationship established by online grocery shopping is really too weak, because the relationship is established precisely through The most difficult thing to achieve financially, a relationship requires an investment of time, and just like an intimate relationship, spending time is hard to replace with money.”
  • “Project-based grocery shopping is a very deterministic thinking in the industrial era. To have enough understanding of the matter itself, you must collect a lot of information at the beginning, and once you start, you must strictly follow the plan. The underlying assumptions behind , is to do my best to control all possible variables. But generative grocery shopping is not like this, I only know that I am going to buy food, I may have some ideas about what to buy, but it is not going according to a certain track. , making decisions in the process of constant perception, and there is also a dynamic relationship between decision-making and decision-making, which is what modern urban people with higher education are the worst at, because they are always in uncertainty.”
  • “I understand that project-based grocery shopping just doesn’t live in the moment, because in order to pursue efficiency, we need to buy vegetables quickly, so we should shorten the time for grocery shopping as much as possible, the shorter the better. It’s not for the purpose of buying vegetables, but for cooking, which seems unreasonable, isn’t it for cooking?”
  • “Efficiency has been raised to an unparalleled correct height in the workplace. By the way, interested partners can explore, the concept of efficiency has been used on a large scale only after the industrial revolution, just over 200 years ago. Work. The field of economics shapes us into a rational economic person, and we even use ourselves as a resource without knowing it, and live in the way of an economic person, but the strange thing is that life itself has nothing to do with efficiency.”
  • “… Go to the vegetable market slowly, feel the people, things, and things here, and find your natural attributes and relationship attributes. These really have nothing to do with efficiency and do not contribute much to GDP. But you can let yourself be the People exist, not economic numbers, and resources exist here, and I firmly believe that this is really important for the health and quality of life of individuals.”
  • Tips for Retrieving Notes Without Opening Flomo – Minority
  • “The way I manage is, I don’t manage anyone directly.”
  • “You have to improve yourself and figure out what’s important. I usually spend an hour reviewing what I’ve been doing, basically the threshold of yes and no, and I try to revise it once a year. Plus , I also re-create my personal plan every year. Write from scratch what I really want to do and my goals, and then line up related activities.”
  • “So we don’t spend a lot of time on this (causal inference). What we focus on is – what’s the best way to run a process? What’s the best way to run a company? What’s the best way to help entrepreneurs By the way, giving too much help is not the best way to help. The best way is to make sure we understand what’s going on in the industry, what’s the best way to help our network, for team management What’s the best way to help. These are processes.”
  • “Usually, the way to know something is because someone told you about it. So, you start by paying close attention to each conversation. Then someone will tell you something important or new territory. I call them ‘from the future’ things”. There is something going on in the world, it’s only happening in one place. But… wow, it could very well end up happening anywhere. I often ask people I know who I can talk to or talk to me What books can you read?”
  • “Another reading tip comes from Chris Dixon (A16Z partner). He thinks of chapters in books like blog posts. When he sits down and reads, looking at the table of contents is like seeing a set of blog posts, oh, these two It looks like fun, and then you say, ok, I can throw the rest. I’m not going to read every post on the blog, right? I’m only interested in what I’m interested in.”
  • NGC Coin Grading Standards | NGC
  • PCGS Grading Standard
  • “Twenty years ago, most startups were what I would call tool developers — they built tools like chips, operating systems, routers, or databases, and they sold those tools to enterprise or consumer customers, and those customers Use as you see fit. But now, more startups are part of what we call full stack — they don’t develop tools, they develop technology, and then use the technology to go directly to the end market to compete with incumbents. These full stacks Startups are more aggressive and tend to need more experienced founders and executives. So now we see a lot of those startups tend to have older founders and core team members who are more experienced and better at operations management. “
  • Uh machine, Lei Jun’s pronunciation
  • “It’s easy to grow meat”
  • “Since 2004, Zhang Liang has served as RDA’s senior vice president of engineering. In 2013, Zhang Liang officially resigned as RDA’s president. Until 2015, Zhang Liang appeared and established Hengxuan Technology and served as its director. long.”


  • The waist flower is fragrant, and the tofu is smelly
  • If you don’t mention a step, there will be no macro sense.
  • Seems to know a lot
  • how it works
  • There’s always a market for boring jokes
  • I don’t want to talk most of the time,
  • Where to Priority Abstraction
  • fantasy orgy


  • “There is a significant difference between mastery and innovation”
  • “There is a paragraph on the inside cover of each of the Capital Broadcasting Corporation’s annual reports: “Decentralization is the cornerstone of our business philosophy. Our goal is to hire the best people we can and give them the responsibility and authority they need to do their jobs. All decisions are made at the regional level. We expect our managers to… always be cost conscious, identify and fully exploit sales potential. “It clearly articulates the hallmark of the company’s culture: giving operational managers an extraordinary level of autonomy.”
  • want to sleep again
  • Son of Fish is like the HE version of Yonosuke Yokomichi
  • How is love defined?
  • The responsibility of large supermarkets is to make everything demand-oriented, productized, semi-finished, and add a novelty
  • Erase and forget all instinctual and spontaneous needs
  • The people who speak on TV are the composition of primary school students…

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