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  • 4:20 Birds start calling
  • Few of the tirade on social media are factually complete
  • Abundance of facts and information, leading to precision
  • relentless truth
  • Recognition of the universe can always reshape the organization of human beings
  • First principles are instructive
  • Some people think with their brains, some people think with their bodies
  • The disappearance of simple logic, that is, the disappearance of control
  • “long overdue”
  • human interest
  • the OPEN
  • Not hard CUT when chasing
  • Recently, the dream is full of spit plots


  • boring, tangled, regrettable
  • “Since the second half of the year, the volatility of the A-share market has increased, and the fund liquidation crisis has continued to unfold. As of July 15, six funds have started liquidation procedures within half a month. So far, the number of funds that have entered the liquidation process this year has exceeded 100. to 101.”
  • Sleepy
  • How others see you, you can’t see it
  • degree of control, control of information density, control of rhythm
  • Desire management, fit management


  • memory
  • “By resolving Private DNS through private domains, you can customize and create private domains according to your needs. Domain names do not need public network registration, support one-click remarks, label management, and flexible configuration is more convenient.”
  • – Home of the Blender project – Free and Open 3D Creation Software
  • Boundaries pushed! The blasting “artifact” that exceeds 100,000 revolutions! Tesla Turbine
  • “Tesla turbines are capable of working with Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, mixed fluids, two-phase fluids, and the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the rotor disc also ensures the self-cleaning properties of the turbine and allows normal use in dirty environments, where It has great application potential in complex environments such as seawater, geothermal power plants, and biomass power plants….Tesla turbines are highly efficient under low-load operation. This outstanding feature also determines that Tesla turbines are very suitable for Small installations of ocean energy to generate electricity.”
  • “On the one hand, we have to do things such as technology and fashion. On the other hand, the cost competition is what we will do next, because it is related to the industry chain. It is not only the whole vehicle, but also the parts. This is a very critical thing. It is difficult for me to draw a conclusion on whether it is a watershed, but I think that on the whole, it is because of the emergence of competitive products. This competitive product is related to the incentive policy, and the policy we are here cannot decide. But we can What we do is how to reduce costs, and who can reduce costs on the premise of ensuring product quality and meet the needs of consumers, whoever can be the winner in the future.”
  • Post-pandemic no need for cinemas
  • Who has the upper hand? See all the new stores are occupying the shops along the street
  • I’m not interested in big car toys, I’m more interested in other big toys that it can drive
  • blender3.0-geometry node beginner 01-transform node
  • 3D Programming for Beginners Using Python and Blender 2.8, Tutorial – YouTube
  • Ascension can be calculated and invisible


  • Run five kilometers, fart sixteen, go home quickly
  • two-dimensional economics
  • “Overcome Desires”
  • “Rich people increase patience, poverty makes them impatient”
  • “There are three main technical routes for cathode materials of sodium-ion batteries, which are respectively adopted: 1. Layered transition metal oxides, mainly using sodium, copper, iron, and manganese resources; 2. Prussian blue analogs, mainly using sodium, manganese, iron , cobalt resources; 3. Polyanionic compounds, mainly using sodium and fluorophosphate resources. Sodium-ion batteries are currently in the early stage of industrialization, and the technical route is not yet clear, so it is difficult to predict its impact on phosphorus resource demand.”
  • “However, in comparison, the radius of sodium ions is larger than that of lithium ions, and the number of sodium ions that can be accommodated in the same space is less than that of lithium ions, which determines that the energy density of sodium ion batteries is not as good as that of lithium ion batteries, so sodium ion batteries are more suitable For the application scenarios of energy storage, electric two-wheeled vehicles, and small electric vehicles, medium and large new energy vehicles still need lithium-ion batteries, otherwise they will face mileage anxiety. In addition, sodium-ion batteries still need manganese and cobalt materials, and their large-scale The cost after commercialization is still uncertain, and whether it can really be much cheaper than lithium iron phosphate batteries remains to be seen.”
  • “Musk is a first-principle approach to solving problems by deconstructing things into essential elements, finding optimal solutions from scratch, and not believing what’s already done. The first sentence of the Tesla employee handbook is: We are special Sla, we’re changing the world, and we’re willing to rethink everything.”
  • “During that period, my mentor Li Xuefeng taught me a lot of photography concepts. He said: You shoot too loosely. You shoot stars, birds, flowers, and parks. What’s the point of your photos? Is there any ideological thing? It is exactly as he said. Later, he pointed it out to me, you can take pictures of your doorsteps, the ones you are most familiar with, and nothing else. But there is also a process. I listened to the teacher and said, Just photographing bricks and flowers at the door of the house, photographing the store, and photographing the door pier, and after thinking about it, this thing does not have too deep connotation. Because I have learned painting, painting this thing is fixed in your mind, according to your ideas and thoughts. Things that are drawn with a pen and color. But what’s so good about photography? It’s inexactness…”
  • “To be honest, I have all the pictures in the toilet here. They were taken blindly. Of course, the purpose is not to expose people’s privacy. In recent years, there has been a revolution in toilets. The non-local people always ask, Master, where is the toilet? We Beijingers usually answer this way, you go ahead, there is a small alley there, turn in, and you will arrive by smell.”
  • “Because 90% of the people and things I photographed are gone, or they will eventually pass. People will die, and some Hutongs will be demolished. You think this old man was 84 years old when I photographed him, and 40 years have passed in a blink of an eye. already.”
  • System vs Architecture
  • No sanitation


  • Clipping doesn’t have to make sense
  • Afraid of the heat, but never resisting the belly
  • Metaverse Wall Street
  • No awareness of actively building consensus
  • The default tools are all two-dimensional thinking, but some have the potential to upgrade to three-dimensional
  • Multi-dimensional suppresses low-dimensionality, but low-dimensionality is enough
  • The lowest probability of ascending dimension
  • Teams are multidimensional
  • I’m down (verbally)
  • The lower the dimension, the harder it is to close the loop
  • I actually heard Odeyang again
  • Mother’s hoof flowers put angelica
  • Wrong, party ginseng


  • 48V
  • At two o’clock, pork is available in the small supermarket.
  • “I am often asked how I should collaborate. I think it requires each other to abandon all ego and vanity, but also to respect each other. Collaborators should forget themselves and only think about the work. In fact, when someone wants to know this golden sentence or that name I don’t know how to answer him when the joke is mine or Bioy, because honestly, I really don’t know. I think the ‘Bustos Domec series’ is better than anything I’ve written personally, Almost as beautiful as what Bioy wrote on his own.”
  • If you do, then be sure of it, it’s about to end
  • here, where was
  • “…but revenue, market share, gross margin, net margin, cash flow, these are important to me, and I want to know the competitive landscape, the company’s competitive strengths and weaknesses, and its say in the industry. In some At that time, many companies sacrificed their net profit for market share, like those companies with good growth overseas, they don’t make money every year, and ROE data is not available.”


  • “The life of an inscriber in a small town is just like what Luo Dayou sang in “Lugang Town”, “In a dream, I returned to Lugang Town again, and the people who worship in the temple are still pious”, generation after generation As an essayist in a small town, I firmly believe that questioning is the only way to change my destiny. Thousands of troops crossed the single-plank bridge, but after the past, I found out that “Taipei is not the golden paradise I imagined, and the city does not have my dream at the beginning.” It can only be “people in their hometown get what they want, but lose what they have”. This feeling is especially like the dream created by Xu Jiayin, an old-generation small town writer, for his owners and what it looks like when he wakes up: Born in the process of a great renaissance and buried in unfinished building projects, this is also the fate of the town’s inscribers, a great life, and an unfinished death.”
  • “Why would I rob a bank? Because I enjoy it. I love it. I’m more alive when I’m robbing a bank than I’ve ever had in my life. I love everything about robbing a bank so much that a week or two later I Will go out and find the next vote. But for me, the money is the bargaining chip, and that’s it.”
  • “Maruyama believes that Japanese people are spiritual hybrids, and that diverse ideas never really intersect, but only exist in the same space at the same time.”
  • It is still interesting to see the exhibition in the National Museum, and the comments of the common people are all smashed into it.
  • “Husband! This is so beautiful!” “This gold is so round” “This is so handsome” “I have finished taking pictures, let’s take one too”
  • “” The project is rushing to go online, and one person has to do the workload of two or three people, and pressurize from top to bottom. “A Meituan R&D staff bluntly said that the middle-level of Meituan is a bit “empty” now, “because the middle-level does not participate in the structure and design of the project, the thinking of upward management is serious, lack of patience for subordinates, and more is to control risks, Fear of an accident affecting personal interests. “”
  • Centering on what is the problem
  • “That’s the only piece of advice I’m going to share today: No matter what you do, be led by your values. By being led by your values, I mean that you should be in control of who you are and what you believe in. Make decisions big and small on a daily basis based on deep understanding. These are not static things and you don’t want them to be static. Like all of us, you will learn more and grow over time More. But there are some fundamental values ​​that are the cornerstones.”

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