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  • “Risk food. Since July 1, I have purchased Durian Xishi (Shandong Qingdao Mountain Liujiazhuang Village Warehouse) related food (including durian ice cream, durian cake and durian pulp)”
  • “…And if the high-speed growth period is over, this clear sense of organizational shape will be lost. It may not be the most suitable shape for us during the low-speed growth period, because efficiency is not necessarily the most important. Then we need to go to Explore the future development direction. In short, with the failure of these premises I mentioned, many things in the human world that we are accustomed to need to be rethought and changed, and organizational form may be one of them.”
  • Qinghai, around Qinghai Lake, Haibei, Hainan, Haixi, Haidong
  • Suddenly I feel that the price of beer is a bit steep, the super bock premium is 50%
  • so unbearable


  • “The fund took high profits on new energy stocks in the second quarter.”
  • “In the past, it was all about robbing the market and people. Now the era of staking is over, and it’s time to enter the stage of intensive farming.”
  • “The training teacher told her that, rather than “copying” and “preaching”, a better way is to bring children into the story, and then create and continue the story, so that children can jump out of the story and learn to accumulate feelings and use language.”
  • The only account with signs of life
  • Emotional power, hard to control
  • “The overall trend of infrastructure demand in this round is: the central and western regions make up for shortcomings; the construction of urban agglomerations in the eastern coastal cities, and the development of urbanization to county towns; the central region is dominated by municipal industrial parks and sheds.”
  • “In Wang Shouqing’s view, after several blows from the epidemic, local finances are already difficult, and social capital is not easy to leverage. If you only consider the current stimulus to the economy, the fastest and most effective way is to use the credit of the local government and the central government, and the government will issue the local government. Debt, special debt, and even special national debt, to tide over the current difficulties first. But special attention should be paid to the selection of projects to avoid ineffective investment and unsustainable projects.”
  • “I noticed a few years ago that, in fact, almost no attention was paid to another type of error, which is judgement variability, and it turns out that judgement variability is also very large. When different judges look at the same defendant, Or when different insurers look at the same risk, they make very different judgments, and that’s noise, and it’s everywhere.”
  • “In current practice, most of the occasions where we summarize and judge are during meetings and discussions, but there are good and bad ways to hold meetings. Good methods can reduce noise, while bad methods can’t reduce noise. Moderators can A better way to reduce noise meetings is to have everyone make judgments ahead of time, aggregate those judgments, and then start the discussion and let people re-judgment, so that the average will be less noisy than the original.”
  • “There is also some research on how to make brainstorming effective, and the main suggestions are as follows: First, let people form their own opinions independently, and generate their own ideas as independently as possible, because people think independently than when they think together. It’s more efficient when it’s counterintuitive, but it’s actually well-documented; second, it’s brainstorming by having participants come together and discuss ideas built on thinking independently of each other The common part; third, have a good process for choosing the ideas you want, and don’t do it until you’ve actually had many ideas.”
  • “The idea that the lowest-ranked person in an organization should speak first applies to meetings where judgment is made. This is a general law that brings group judgment closer to independent judgment, as the least important person speaks. Less likely to influence the judgment of the next person. If you start with the most important people, you don’t get much diversity of opinions, which actually makes the judgment more noisy. When the group’s judgment lacks diversity When different groups may come to different conclusions based on the opinions of the first speaker, this is a way for groups to make noise.”
  • “If the debate is initiated by an authority figure in the organisation and people are influencing each other, you add to the noise as the group becomes more extreme and polarised in terms of what the authority figure originally expressed. That’s what you see on social networks. The thing is, when people are in a close-knit group that thinks like them, their views become more extreme, they become more polarized because they reinforce each other within the group. In a well-functioning debate, what you see is people coming to the debate with different points of view, exchanging opinions, and hopefully coming up with some more nuanced points. On social media, it’s much less of a debate , and that debate is more frequent in conversations between real, respectful people.”
  • O1KR1
  • “I just want to make my own work”
  • Orange sea, reminds me of when I like hedgehogs and csc, same with new pants
  • Weird Instinct Chords


  • “Although communicating with people is a very important thing in investing, in reality most of these communications become inefficient, ineffective, and even lead to more exhaustion, mistakes and irrationality. Want to avoid On these issues, I think three principles are very important: 1. No mutual interests; 2. No specific actions to be suggested to each other; “
  • share fairly
  • hang on
  • people with “sickness”
  • Huo go sick!
  • Nine angular memories


  • fuck you
  • 365 days
  • Either you kill me or I kill you! ! !
  • “Six mistakes mankind keeps making century after century: Believing that personal gain is made by crushing others; Worrying about things that cannot be changed or corrected; Insisting that a thing is impossible because we cannot accomplish it; Refusing to set aside trivial preferences; Neglecting development and refinement of the mind; Attempting to compel others to believe and live as we do.”
  • “Six mistakes that humans have made every century: Believing that personal gain is achieved by destroying others; worrying about what cannot be changed or corrected; insisting that something is impossible because we can’t; refusing to exclude unimportant individuals preferences; neglect of mental development and improvement; attempts to force others to think and live the same way we do.”
  • “The goal of this kind of thing is to gamble with time to make chips, and the gamble is the uncontrollable life.”


  • Redundancy is another frontier
  • Build a great personal wiki with Docusaurus
  • “Stop Energy Growth”
  • conservative generation
  • “Courageous enough, don’t mind people not looking for you”
  • Greedy
  • “…This is also one of the prescriptions that psychiatrists have prescribed to modern people: to establish extensive connections with others, to rebuild personal confidence and passion for life by helping and serving others, and to find meaning in life.”
  • “Broad and peaceful power”
  • memory? no memory


  • “I have always been unable to deal with the relationship between work, family and health, and the relationship between the focus and diligence required for business operations and the personal scattered and unstable interests; the pain of not loving but having to manage It is also growing day by day; I have also been worried that life is dominated by inertia, neglecting the familiar environment and missing out on different wonderful things.”
  • Secondary market pays for stories and cries


  • relentless disgust
  • The ruthless commit suicide
  • And life has a reason
  • “In the 1980s, when he went to a fisherman’s house in Khomen, he saw the good-natured sister-in-law and remembered that she was a young girl when he collected fisherman songs from her. “Grandma, do you know me? “The vicissitudes of life, the past has changed. Grandma shook her head, Huang Chen did not explain, and gently hummed the song she taught him back then: The face is covered with a basin, and the bride is born young… The memory was suddenly awakened, and Grandma’s eyes flashed. With tears in her eyes, she cried out excitedly: Comrade Huang.”
  • Internal hemorrhoids External hemorrhoids Youth hemorrhoids
  • Life is also carbon neutral
  • “Destroy local values”
  • “In fact, it is well known that Wall Street executives have extremely poor management skills because Wall Street values ​​short-term, competitive individualism rather than teamwork, long-term development, or joint leadership.”
  • How to fight singularity and universality, and how to protect local and small organization interests
  • noon, day and day (sound of your uncle)

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