Township grassroots log (16)

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at work

Our village lacks six information on migrant workers. It is relatively fast to enter the monitoring information of migrant workers in the subsystem.

The employment registration system says that there is a problem with the system, which is just right, and I don’t really want to do it.

In the afternoon, I went to the county emergency bureau for a meeting. The director and I went to the training on the natural disaster relief insurance program and disaster prevention and mitigation business. We sat in the second row. Except for me and the director, the few people next to me were snoring.

After that, I pulled out some brochures, paper cups, masks, etc.


After the meeting in the afternoon, I went to find Xiaobao for dinner, but she and her best friend ate.

I took her to the barbecue shop. I ordered a bowl of mutton noodles, half a handful of meat, half a handful of shredded potatoes, a roast lamb trotter, and two scones.

Except for roast lamb trotters and lamb noodles

the other half

The roast lamb trotter is Xiaobao’s, and the mutton noodles are mine

It’s past nine o’clock when I get home, and I’ve been fiddling with the blogosphere for a while.

I took a fancy to the interface that my love cracked

But without this level, I have found several ways

Neither is feasible

It can only be said that it is difficult to adapt! Township grassroots log (16)

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