Township grassroots log (9)

2022.4.18 Monday

All is well.

I still haven’t driven this week, so I can only wait for my colleague’s car to pull me on the way. I thought of a question, is this good or bad? As soon as the idea came out, I thought a lot about it, whether it was another colleague who had an idea. The main reason I did this was that it was boring for me to drive alone, not because of the gas bill, but mainly because everyone sat in a car chatting or something and then went to work. If I was driving alone, it was boring. Thinking about it and not thinking about it is already like this, sigh, thinking about what it does, it will only add to the troubles, but this kind of thought pops up every Monday, and every time I invite you to dinner on the way back, maybe it will dispel my concerns, the fact is in this way.

The warning message sent in the group is frost, but the weather is okay today, and the temperature is a bit low. Maybe it has nothing to do with the sun shining in the sky.

While waiting for the car at home, I received a call from the director of our agricultural center and asked me to record the system of the village collective. I was shocked. Whose business is this? Pushing and shoving, no one is working, my business has been clearly divided, and now it is sent to me, what does it mean, obviously look at me and talk to me.

So, at the grassroots level, you can’t be like a fool, you must learn to be scheming, you can’t put everything on the spot, you can’t let people see through you at a glance, and you can’t fake it. True and false, as well. Like today, I couldn’t bear it anymore, so I rejected him decisively. I have a lot of business, and I don’t have time to help you. That’s it, I gave him a tough back. Don’t be afraid to offend people in this kind of thing, otherwise people will think you are good. Bully.

The main reason is the division of labor in this business. Although you are the director of agriculture, there are people who are engaged in the agricultural business. I asked him and he said that the person is not very good at doing it. Let me do it. You know who will do it when, and the township business is the most annoying. If you connect it, you will have the first, second, or even countless times. In the end, I think you should know what I understand, and it’s still like this, Also speechless.

It seems that I am still too naive. I am ready to arrange a few businesses for me. I will do nothing else. No one will try to push me over. Unless you ask the leader to let me do it, the leader will not arrange it. I don’t do it, I also believe that the leader sees it in the eyes. When I divided the labor, I asked the leader and said if he would arrange business for me. The leader said that I had enough business and I would not arrange it any more, so I also believed in my work. Enough business.

In the afternoon, I mainly dealt with the verification of the township card. The statistics group notified that there was a problem with the township card, and some data did not match the annual report. After I revised the township card according to the annual report, I checked it again with the village card. No, the township card is the total of the village cards, so I checked it village by village. I was stumped by the number of primary schools, because I reported 10 primary schools earlier, but last year it became 8, but I forgot what the reason was written at that time, and this could not be verified, so I asked the correctional center. , Last year, a primary school was withdrawn because the school had no students, but it was only one school, and there was another one. I was depressed, and finally I wrote that a certain school was withdrawn, so I submitted it, and reviewed the feedback. Besides, there is no way.

I just did a little thing today, because it was Monday and everyone just came back, so I wasn’t in a good state. That’s it, mainly because the front made me depressed for a while, but fortunately, I stopped the loss in time.

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