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A few days ago, I launched a gift-giving event on the non-human forum , giving me a customized thermostat cup set, originally a total of 30, but due to the sponsorship and support of enthusiastic friends, the gift was added to 43, and it was still near the end. Some friends are sponsoring, but no additional gifts are added, but the money is invested in the expenses of the website later; 43 gifts have been given away in two days, and it is expected to be issued on October 6th.

The reason for launching this event is that October 10th is the 2nd anniversary of the non-human forum. I decided to do it on a whim, and all the gifts will be delivered to my home. Since I haven’t experienced it before, I don’t know this customized product. How is the quality of the product, but drinking water from a cup is no problem, please wait for everyone to receive the goods for evaluation =-=

Take a look at the preview:


Since the logo is printed on the cup, I personally mean that this is a small organization. I thought that it would be difficult to do if someone was accused of name infringement, so I read the trademark matters on the Internet for two days, and finally spent about 600 yuan. I have submitted two trademark applications. If you are interested, I will briefly introduce some trademark knowledge for everyone:

Trademarks are divided into word marks, picture marks, and word + picture combination marks. This time I applied for 45 categories of “non-human” and 38 categories of “non-mainstream” word marks, but the chances of passing are very small. Why do you say that?
For a website, I personally feel that I need to apply for 4 categories of trademarks, namely 35 categories, including advertising information, to determine whether your project can be advertised; 38 categories, including online forums, etc.; 42 categories include computer network technology-related; The 45 categories include domain name leasing, online social networking, etc.; and the first three categories of “non-human” trademarks have been registered. Although the sub-categories he registered do not include what I need, according to the rules of the Trademark Office, the trademark of the same name is large. If the class has been registered, the same trademark will not be allowed to appear in this class to avoid confusion by users; so I can only apply for class 45 first.
And “non-mainstream” is a nickname given to the forum by friends. I also like it very much. I checked 38 types of trademarks, and there are 3 records in total. One was rejected by the Trademark Office in 2010, and one was expired in 2020. , one called “flying mainstream”.

Regardless of the reasons for rejection, the invalid trademark usually has a protection period of one and a half years, and only the original applicant can register the trademark during the protection period. I calculate that it has already been a year and a half, and “Flying Mainstream” is the same as “Flying Mainstream”. Non-mainstream” similar trademarks will usually be rejected, but there are also cases of approval for unknown trademarks. This completely depends on the mood of manual review. According to the Trademark Law, trademarks with more than 2 characters have different first characters. But the homophony, the rest of the characters are the same, mainly depends on whether the font is similar, and it can be passed if they are not similar. Because Chinese character trademarks are based on the characters, not the pinyin, but the rules are the same, and it also depends on the subjective judgment of human beings.

“Non-human” and “non-classified” belong to similar trademarks, which do not pass “non-human” and “non-human”. If the registered trademark does not have a particularly large reputation, it is not similar and can be passed through

Going back to the trademark category, I consulted Wang in the WeChat group. Wang said: “35 categories of trademarks are invincible, just get 35 categories.” Because category 35 includes advertisements, you can’t advertise without category 35. Propaganda is not difficult to understand. Brother 66 gave a classic example: Wanglaoji has not obtained Wanglaoji’s 35-type trademark, so his products cannot be sold under the 3-character Wanglaoji, but can only be sold as a 35-category Jiaduobao.

Whether the trademark application is successful or not, there is no refund. It costs 300 yuan per category, and it usually takes about a year for a trademark to be notified, which is extremely torturous.

In fact, when I make a small website, there is no need for a trademark or a trademark. Generally, no one bothers you. I just want to do it for a long time. I don’t want to do it for a few years. Sign up now!

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