Treat yourself as others, treat others as yourself, and treat the subject as scientific research

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Lao Hu shared me a link to Munger Academy (you can search for “Munger Academy” on the official account, but you can’t find the URL that you can open in your browser), and I attended the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting this year. The essence of offline interviews between a group of people and investors, one of the classmates mentioned a formula in his notes:

品性(Temperament) = 诚实(0/1) * 专注(0/1) * 慢想(1/N) * 开放(1/N) * 真诚(1/N)

0/1 means that without this quality, everything else is useless. 1/N means that this quality can be scaled up. I thought about it, and this formula may be summarized in 3 tips.

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