Friendship price

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If I know someone who is selling something, and I know someone who wants to buy it, sometimes this happens: the buyer asks me to ask for a “friendly price” from the seller. I never really understood the logic of this. If I save money for a buyer, it means I’m closer to that person, and I’m saying to the seller in disguise, “Hey, we’re estranged, so please make less money and give me the closer one.” I can’t figure out where the confidence for this request comes from; conversely, if I’m helping people who are distant from me save money while making people close to me lose money, it seems hard to justify it.

By extension, I have never been able to do things in human relationships with ease. When a friend is in need, of course I am willing to do my best to help, but once a third person is involved… Although “helping a friend’s friend is the same as helping a friend” sounds reasonable, but I always feel that this boundary has been infinitely expanded. Something is wrong. So all I can do at this time is to introduce everyone to each other.

Having said that, it is difficult to say exactly what the word friend means, and even the criteria for choosing friends are difficult to summarize clearly. But if I want to add notes to my friends, the last word I want to appear is “useful”.


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