Turning Point 2218|Running on an empty stomach, a piece of cake

Today is my 900th day of running continuously.

This week’s running diary is about the relationship between running and eating.

Specifically, to answer a runner’s question about being too hungry for a morning run.

I’ve struggled with this issue myself in the years I’ve been running. When to eat and when to run. And recently, I’ve discovered that my struggles seem to be rooted in some deeply held thoughts I once held.

And those ideas are just preconceived, occupying their own ideological position. However, action has taught me that those thoughts are not necessarily correct. When I ditched the idea of ​​having to eat before a workout, the hunger problems that once plagued me were completely gone. Last week, I went out for a half-marathon after an empty stomach for more than ten hours, except for a few sips of water in between. The result is also no problem.

Here are the answers to specific questions:

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