Turning Point 2219|Change, step by step

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People are always changing.

Even if it’s something that is repeated every day, expect changes.

Running even more so. In the process of exercising, look for a better, more suitable and more perfect way.

In fact, even if we let go of our attachment to change, we are still changing. If you don’t practice for a day, you know it. If you don’t practice for two days, the master knows. If you don’t practice for three days, everyone probably knows it.

Of course, others may not have as much energy to relate to themselves. But his concern for himself will not stop. Otherwise, not so many people would care about how to change their running posture, how to adjust their running rhythm, and what to do to increase the speed.

Today, answer these three questions about running and changing. The key word is, step by step.

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