TuTu Principles Home Diary Preface|The three-day period expires, and it will be continued for another three days

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September 2, 2022 Chengdu

Early this morning, I took the community entry and exit registration card and went to the chain supermarket to check it out. The food was very fresh, but the price seemed to have doubled compared to usual.

September 3, 2022 Chengdu

Looking back on last night, I was waiting for the nucleic acid test when the nucleic acid detection system collapsed. During the period, it suddenly rained heavily. Luckily, I got the test within 2 hours, but the friends behind me lined up in the middle of the night. , Some have results, some have no results, one test a day has become one test a day. When I went out this morning, I saw friends who were not tested last night continue to wait in line for testing. When passing the crowd, I could feel their anger and helplessness, but they could only cooperate very well. Students who cannot complete the rigid target of five days and five inspections before the official start of the school year.

Out of the community, under the empty streets, the cicadas and birds in the morning are particularly clear, and the shops on both sides are posted with “epidemic closed”, and it seems like a return to the beginning of the epidemic in early 2020. I didn’t know where to go, so I went to a small fresh supermarket again. The price of vegetables was the same as yesterday. Today, the price of some meat was significantly higher than usual. Finally, I bought some fruit that fell slightly.

From yesterday to today, the nucleic acid detection system has been in a state of high-frequency intermittent collapse. Neusoft, the company behind it, was seen on Weibo, and it was listed on the hot search—withdrawn from the hot search—and then scolded on the hot search—and then dropped the hot search. I received a notice in the afternoon, and the nucleic acid test was postponed until tomorrow. Everyone is asking, can the lockdown be lifted on September 5? I saw a hilarious screenshot and saved it. It seems that these friends should not need to drag, lick, and run. Finally calm down and cut the video, see you tomorrow~

September 4, 2022 Chengdu

I didn’t go out of the community today. It wasn’t the alarm clock that woke me up, but “Building X to come down to do nucleic acid”. Because each building has a limited time, it is said that if you don’t do it, you will be given a yellow code, so many people rushed out of the house for the first time. When I went downstairs to take the elevator, more than a dozen people were close to their faces. The elevator stopped on every floor. The airtight environment was suffocating. ? Isn’t this kind of popping a bit too contemptuous of “Mystery Kerong”?

It was dark again when we got to the downstairs. What’s better than the elevator is the fresh air. It is said that we switched back to the system today. The speed of the test is still relatively fast, but the queue is still very long. It turns out that nucleic acid testing is the only kind of artificial Gathering, but not spreading the strange scene of the new crown.

In the evening, I finally received the notice that everyone was waiting for, obviously I knew every word, but the strange combination of official documents made people unable to understand. Netizens who wanted to be naked before can finally continue to hold their crotch tightly. And I have participated in at least one shopping festival to stock up on supplies, and there is still a place to use them.

In fact, in addition to Chengdu, other cities are also silent, static, and principled at home… Even some cities have not been seen, such as a city in the northeast that borrowed the Chengdu topic tag on Weibo. There are hundreds of stories, and regional versions vary, but they cannot escape being stabbed in the throat every day. Every time a person is stabbed, a person is shorter by one point. I have seen many parents in the community group making arrangements three times in advance for their children.

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