Typecho builds its own time machine WeChat sending system

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Recently, I have used the time machine function of Handsome, and found that sometimes there will be exceptions and sometimes it will be repeated twice…

Thinking about whether it might be the reason for too many people using it, I found that there are projects of the time machine WeChat sending system. I built one myself and used the same as the original, great~

Source code download
Baidu network disk (extraction code: ha2w) Tencent Weiyun (password: hqr7i2)

environmental needs
 PHP >= 7.1 PHP cURL 扩展PHP OpenSSL 扩展PHP SimpleXML 扩展PHP fileinfo 扩展PHP PDO_MYSQL 扩展

How to operate

1. Create a new site, then copy the project and upload it to your server.
2. Open the URL /install.php to install and fill in the corresponding data.
3. Open the WeChat public platform, fill in the server address in the official account background server configuration as the project website /server.php and enable the server configuration.
4. The official account sends the binding, click the link to fill in the relevant information to bind.
5. The configuration is complete, use it! The method of use is the same as the official time machine of Handsome to send the official account.


1. Send binding for binding or modify binding information.

Send a message to the time machine.
Four message types are supported: text, image, geographic location, and link.

Subsequent development of other message types, etc., is not supported for the time being (if it is sent, it will prompt that this type is not supported, such as voice messages).

If you send a picture, the picture will be automatically stored in the usr/uploads/time directory of typecho.

Support sending private messages. Just add # before sending the content.

Example sending: #This is a private talk, only visible to the sender.

Send multiple messages in a row.

Transmission starts, and a round of continuous transmission begins.
The sending ends, ending the sending of the current round.

send article

Enter to send an article , start the article sending, support multiple messages, and support the mixing of images and texts for multiple messages.
The input ends , and the article sending ends.

other operations

Send a blog to receive a link to your blog address.
Send a link to the blog post to receive the text of the blog post.
Send Unbind or Unbind to delete your binding information.
Send help to view help information.

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