U.S. Department of Justice launches investigation into Biden

The Financial Associated Press reported on January 13 that the U.S. Department of Justice appointed a special prosecutor to investigate Biden’s confidential documents. The former private office of U.S. President Joe Biden discovered a batch of confidential documents during his tenure as vice president, triggering a Department of Justice review. US media reported on the 11th that Biden’s lawyers found more confidential documents left behind in another location. | Related reading (Financial Association)

Wang Changle

I remember that when the FBI searched Trump’s residence Mar-a-Lago in the middle of last year, they found a batch of confidential documents, which became Trump’s new black spot. You must know that as a president, he has the greatest power to access confidential documents. Yes, in the case of having access to all confidential documents, careless handling of documents may incur legal liability, so it is conceivable that Biden is repeating the same mistakes now, and how serious the consequences will be.

In particular, the next general election is about to be faced in the future. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party are already in a state of partisan split. Now that it has come out like this, it is a political stain on both Biden and the Democratic Party.

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