U.S. new media giant Buzzfeed’s share price doubled overnight as it plans to use ChatGPT for content

On Thursday, Eastern Time, the digital media company BuzzFeed said that the company will rely on OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, to enhance some content creation and personalize some content for viewers. big effect. BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti said in a memo to employees that “artificial intelligence-inspired content” will become “part of our core business” this year. He added that breakthroughs in artificial intelligence would “unlock a new era of creativity”. A BuzzFeed spokesperson said the company will use OpenAI’s open application programming interface (API). | Related Reading (Wall Street Insights)

Jing Yuan

ChatGPT, a large-scale conversational language model released by the artificial intelligence laboratory OpenAI at the end of last year, suddenly became popular overnight. Although the app has not yet been launched in China, those who have the means still try it out in advance. Judging from the known user feedback, ChatGPT is far smarter than most of the current chatbots.

How smart is ChatGPT? While we were still using this chatbot as a toy, someone had already written a professional paper on it that amazed even university professors. Since it is possible to write papers, it is not too difficult for Buzzfeed to “hire” ChatGPT for content. The advantages of ChatGPT in media applications are also obvious: the efficiency is higher than pure manual production, and the content is richer than traditional editing applications. Therefore, capital is so optimistic about Buzzfeed’s strategy of using ChatGPT.

Starting with Buzzfeed, ChatGPT will be commercially implemented more and more frequently. Although it will take some time for tools such as ChatGPT to “work” independently, as an efficient office auxiliary tool, it will inevitably reduce the demand for white-collar employees in the future.

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