Ubuntu environment to build Coturn

1. gitHub download coturn source code

 https:// github .com/coturn/coturn. git

2. Enter the source code directory and compile the source code

 ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/coturn

2-1: Compile exception


2-2: Download related library files: libevent and libssl

 sudo apt-get install libssl-dev libevent-dev

2-3: Compile passed


2-4: Installation

 make -j 4 sudo make install

2-5: Enter the installation path and view related files

 cd /usr/local/coturn


2-6: Configure environment variables

 vim ~/.bashrc
2-6-1: Insert the following
 export coturn_home=/usr/local/coturn export PATH=$PATH:$coturn_home/bin
2-6-2: To make the configured environment variables take effect, execute the following commands
 source ~/.bashrc

3. Configure turnserver.conf

3.1 Modify the configuration file

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