UINO Technology Completes Series C Financing

Uinnova is a visualization management software and Internet service provider that provides visualization capabilities for IT management and IoT management. Currently, it has launched a data center visualization system, a warehouse visualization system and a data center 3D design Internet DIY service. Products of Beijing Younuo Technology Co., Ltd. Recently, Younuo Technology successfully completed the C round of financing of 300 million, led by China Internet Investment Fund, and the old shareholder Chenshan Capital continued to increase its investment. Taikang Life Insurance, Kailian Capital, GLP Hidden Mountain Capital joined the investment, and Fanzhuo Capital served as the current round. Financing Sole Financial Advisor. After this round of financing, UINO will invest heavily in the iteration and promotion of the one-stop digital twin platform “Sen Factory” and the IoT ecological platform “IOT Senyouhui” to accelerate the expansion of its leading edge and build an internationally competitive Digital Productivity Tools Platform.

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