ultimate battle

From selling all his real estate + donating shares to his recent acquisition of Twitter, Mask has become increasingly convinced that his next step is to run for the presidency of the beautiful country.

He is already the richest man in the world, and his economic pursuits have been difficult to explain his motives. I believe that only the prospect of landing on Mars is worth his hard work. Becoming the president of the beautiful country is the most important part of realizing the Mars landing plan! After all, such a great initiative that requires the best talents and unlimited resources of all mankind can only be realized, and only the president of the beautiful country can use the national will to promote it.

Mask’s final chapter on Earth is to become the President of the Beautiful Nation, and his future is on Mars.

The beautiful country capital behind Mask who supports him is also betting that Mask can lead the beautiful country to make another technological leap and maintain the dominance of the beautiful country.

When Mask is finding a way for the beautiful country, who can compete with the Chinese? Is it Ali, Tencent, Huawei, byd? can not see. This is also something that must be reflected. Under the traditional family-country culture and education and scientific research system, it is difficult to have space for such a maverick and rebellious genius to grow up!

The uninterrupted cultural inheritance for thousands of years is a glorious yesterday, and it is also the shackles worn on people’s minds today.

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