Uncle and Uncle’s Fiancé

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Uncle and Uncle's Fiancé

In recent days, I have been busy with the trivialities of life and a few taels of silver, and rarely hear about the world. In the communication with friends, I heard about the uncle in Jiangxi, the second uncle in Hebei and the fiance in Beijing. Couldn’t help but babble a few words.

An important topic of reform is property rights reform. All movable and immovable properties have been transferred from public ownership to private ownership. Some people have accumulated a lot of wealth in the wave of property rights reform and completed the original accumulation of the family. Although the Zhou family in Jiangxi is not very expensive, it can be regarded as a brave leader and accumulated for the Zhou Jie generation. Lots of wealth. Some people went through a big wave again, picking up some shells on the beach to support their families, cultivating a college student and sending them to CICC as a social animal, relying on the income below the industry average to beg an ordinary girl who has never seen the world as a wife. Some people are ups and downs with the tide of the times. At the end of the property rights reform, they still have nothing, are disabled, live in the old house left by their ancestors, and do odd jobs for a living without a fixed income. The previous generation either knew how to make a fortune in silence, or was oppressed by life and had no time to take care of them. They seldom spoke on the Internet, but the next generation, invariably mastered the traffic password of the virtual world. The long-retired uncle, the second uncle who is still begging for a living in the village, and the fiancé of 996 are exposed on the Internet.

The last wave of heated discussions on the wealth gap on the Internet was Boss Xu’s reception plan and Boss Ma’s yacht. Most of the capitalists were rich and unkind and lived extravagantly. Later, after a wave of discussions about common prosperity and “killing pigs”, Boss They stopped. In this wave, online public opinion is aimed at small people. If serious harm is caused to individuals, Weibo, Bilibili, and Xiaohongshu should bear the main responsibility. The content posted, even if human life is at stake, it is impossible to have traffic, and it is even less likely to become a hot spot of public opinion. In order to gain traffic, platforms regard the stories of small people as human blood buns.

The reason why platforms can accurately find hot spots and detonate them is that the core is to grasp the current social emotions. The complicated situation and the environment of internal and external troubles have caused a large number of social animals who could have 996, and little brothers with takeaways to lose their job opportunities. The Internet has become the best place to kill time, and hot events have become the most attractive. nipple fun. But there is an important issue that needs to be vigilant. These people are not only just spending time online, but also release their emotions, attacking and slandering strangers, and investigating the bottom line like a political trial are their favorite tactics. Therefore, Zhou Jie who have mastered the traffic password, please think twice before posting your relatives and friends on the Internet, whether it is for the purpose of fishing for horses, showing off your wealth or suffering for consumption.

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