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△ 233|The Book That Can’t Be Read

Before going to bed, this title popped into my mind. Just by thinking that the power was about to be cut off before going to bed, I understood the meaning of this title, but I found that it seems that there are four completely different meanings.

One is the most straightforward. The “End” is used to modify the book. A book can’t be read halfway through . On the contrary, the “End” is used to modify the action of reading . There are so many, I can’t even read them all in a while . In addition, there are other definitions, that is, the definition of “reading” is abstracted from the concrete and becomes an “abstract” definition, that is, “going to school” or “learning”, which also has two meanings, One is forced by life, dropped out of school and entered the society to seek a living, so I could not finish reading ; the other is that there is no end to learning, even if life comes to an end, there is still something to learn .

I don’t remember when I was in elementary school or junior high school, I would distribute a book on extended reading in addition to the Chinese textbook, but that book didn’t seem to be used in my mind. In the age of wrapping books, I wouldn’t even want to wrap that book. So what the book is used for, I still can’t figure it out – probably because I think every book has a guiding existence, such as for exam scores, so the expansion of reading this book is expanding. Can’t understand anything.

Once I had nothing to do, I flipped through the content inside. In fact, just like the Chinese textbook, it was still a class-by-class model, but the articles on expanding reading skills were obviously longer, and even somewhat obscure–because the The texts in the Chinese textbook are well-trained, and the ability to read books “with questions” has been cultivated. In the extended reading, there are no questions, no purpose, no score, right or wrong, so reading “lost the purpose” makes me very uncomfortable. Even because some stories are too long and don’t have the “purpose” of reading, I always can’t finish them. So I changed a strategy later, which is to start reading from any page I turn to. I remember the time I turned to Maupassant’s “The Necklace”, and it was the first time that I realized that without the premise of “purpose”, it turned out that it was possible to experience interesting and interesting stories from a novel that was out of the scope of my own cognition. Life. I later read the extended reading book seriously, which included obscure argumentative essays, deafening short stories with satire, and fragments of some classic novels. In short, the extended reading has become a lot more interesting without the “purpose” reading.

Later, in an exam, there was a prose in the reading comprehension of Chinese, and it happened to be the prose that appeared in the book of extended reading, and it happened to be seen by me. At that moment, it was given “purpose” again, but because I read this essay first and then reread it with purpose, I got the best reading comprehension score ever, and I Also lost the goodwill and interest in that prose.

A few years ago (perhaps now) there is a popular self-media creation mode – “reading a book in three minutes”, as the name implies, a book, a movie, a series of comics, etc. in three minutes, the most The “key” part is extracted and aggregated into short-length content. In this way, we strive to achieve a shortcut to fast reading and acquiring knowledge. Later, a reading and punch-in communication group became popular, that is, people shared their understanding and opinions on the content of the book after reading the book. Of course, once the model of a group of people is involved, it is easy to appear the “right and wrong” problem in collective values , If the leader is a person who has read the entire book, he has already represented a certain sense of authority in the entire core of the group, so his point of view is not allowed to be subverted, even if there are different opinions, other people in the group One still has to politely follow “I agree with you, but I also have some different opinions”. However, this situation is the ideal state of the study group. In most cases, those who form a group eventually become the mode of “reading a book in three minutes”. , seems to have read a book.

This kind of fast reading is a very fascinating thing, just like the tabs of “want to read”, “reading” and “read” on Douban. They have a kind of extraordinary magic, which can make people mistakenly think that they really have the motivation of “wanting to read” after clicking, or the urge to thirst for knowledge of “reading”, or “reading”. Understanding and learning after reading” – I remember that at that time, there was a “read a book in three minutes” alliance on Douban. After participating in such a book club, they could choose a lot of books overnight. In the end, it seems that he just deceived himself.

And this kind of magic comes from their realization one day that there are “unfinished books” in this world. I checked the data and found that 225,000 new books were released in China in 2019 alone. If we follow the limit, we can read a book quickly in 4 hours, and we can read 6 books a day without eating, drinking, or resting, even if this is the case. It takes 37,500 days and nearly 10 years to read the books newly published in 2019. At this time, “reading a book in 3 minutes” is indeed A dependent and seductive anxiety sedative.

Of course, in such extreme cases, people’s right to self-determination is ignored. People have the right to choose whether they “like” or “dislike”, “understand” and “understand”, “useful” and “unlikely”. Useless” and other different value orientations, if this subjective choice is excluded, there will be few books left, not to mention that there are still books that can’t be read at all by the end.

For the purpose part, connect the former story with the latter social situation – we also ignore a larger “proportion” in the “unfinished book”, that is, people carry a certain “purpose” A book to read, it is inevitable that it will lose “fun” in the process of reading. Because the answer is already set there, and the more a person cannot get the correct answer from reading, the more fearful he will feel, and the more he feels that there are “unfinished books” in this world.

In the end, people will find that they are not as good as a monkey – at least when the monkey is randomly tapping the keyboard, when its tapping reaches infinity, in those disordered alphabetical sequences, there will almost certainly appear Shakespeare’s complete works. .

Forget it, let’s “read a book in three minutes”, it’s good!

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