Unlucky Fei

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A Fei is a young man who loves sports, so he is also a loyal and old user of Hupu in the sports community. One day, when he was wandering the pedestrian street section of Hupu, he saw a show of love posted by a Suzhou elder brother, the title was “Coordinates in Suzhou, three years of chasing love and long-distance running, I finally came together with the goddess”.

Seeing the title of the post, A Fei immediately thought that his long-distance girlfriend A Hui was also in Suzhou. A Fei thought that he had spent a lot of time chasing his girlfriend at that time. He was really happy for his brother, so he opened the post to see the woman. What does it look like.

As a result, it doesn’t matter if you look at it, but it will kill you if you look at it. The woman is none other than Ah Fei’s girlfriend Ah Hui. Ah Fei confirmed it again and again, suspecting that his eyes were wrong. However, that face can’t deceive others, that is Ah Hui.

A Fei was struck by thunder, and he immediately called his girlfriend. He asked his girlfriend what happened to all this? Unexpectedly, his girlfriend admitted it directly and readily. Ah Hui said that she actually never wanted to hide Ah Fei, and always wanted to find an opportunity to open up a showdown. But I was afraid that Ah Fei could not accept the fact that she was in love with her, and that Ah Fei would be hit by it, so she kept it secret until today, and asked Ah Fei to forgive her white lies. In the end, she sent a blessing to Ah Fei, you are a good person, I wish you to find a suitable other half as soon as possible. After speaking, before Ah Fei could react, he hung up the phone.

A Fei felt that his girlfriend’s behavior was simply unforgivable, so he bombarded wildly under that old brother’s post showing affection. I didn’t expect that the old man was also an infatuated person. The old man said that Ahui had always mentioned her ex-boyfriend in front of him. He was a scum who was still struggling after breaking up. Now it looks like this. In order to protect his girlfriend, he even banned Ah Fei from speaking. A Fei complained incessantly, so he sent a WeChat to A Hui, but he did not expect that he had already been blocked by the other party. Ah Fei felt that his heart was completely cold, and he only felt that the future was dark.

Later, Ah Fei fell out of love and became a loner. He clearly knew that he was a super fool who was deceived by a woman, and since then, he never dared to trust anyone. Because the broken heart has been in pain.

Ah Fei was depressed in those few days, and he used alcohol to relieve his worries, but he still couldn’t sleep at night, and wept alone until dawn. The situation on the second day can be imagined. Ah Fei, who works in the company, made many mistakes in his work, and received many complaints and criticisms from colleagues and leaders. Ah Fei can only bow his head and admit his mistakes, because he knows that those mistakes he really shouldn’t make.

The house leak happened to be raining overnight, and Fei had already begun to feel that he was unlucky, but he didn’t expect that all this was just the beginning.

Although Ah Fei made mistakes, he is also a good young man who is good at admitting mistakes and introspecting. A Fei discovered that these low-level mistakes he made at work were due to sleepiness caused by not sleeping well at night, which in turn affected his concentration at work, so he often bought Red Bull to drink, because Red Bull was really refreshing after drinking it.

But one day A Fei had an accident when he was drinking. He always thought the office was very clean. One day, Ah Fei went out to do errands and forgot to twist the cap on the iced black tea. When he came back, due to the hot weather, he felt smoke in his throat, so Ah Fei picked up the drink and poured it into his mouth. Just after taking a few sips, Ah Fei suddenly felt like there was a foreign body in his throat. He quickly spit it out and found that it was actually two or three dead flies.

Ah Fei was disgusted by the dead flies, thinking that he has been too reckless recently. Go to the Internet cafe to play games at night after get off work.

It is said that good fortune comes unparalleled, and misfortune does not come singly. What Ah Fei didn’t know was that his greater bad luck was yet to come.

After get off work in the evening, Ah Fei went to the Internet cafe as scheduled. I thought that I could kill a lot in the game at night to achieve the purpose of decompression. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be Waterloo. A Fei lost ten games in a row, and he was the loser’s MVP. Every time the game was ended in a near comeback, it was even more uncomfortable than a real rookie being abused and lost.

A Fei is getting more and more angry while watching the game, and it’s not interesting anymore. At one or two o’clock in the morning, he got off the plane from the Internet cafe, ready to go home. Unexpectedly, as soon as he got downstairs, Ah Fei saw his electric car lying on the ground poignantly, the handlebar was deformed, and the left rearview mirror was broken. When Ah Fei saw his car in this state, he was so angry that he died. He quickly picked up the car and prepared to go home. It turned out that the helmet was missing. fuck! What bastard did this shit. Kill him son of a bitch. Ah Fei cursed to himself.

The next day, Ah Fei packed up his mood and was ready to go to work. Since there was only one helmet at home, and the helmet was stolen in the middle of the night, he had nowhere to buy it. So he prayed in his heart that there should be no traffic police checking helmets on the way to work later.

But the more frightening it is, what will come, and sure enough, at the intersection not far from the company, several traffic police are checking helmets. Seeing that the situation was not good, Ah Fei immediately turned the electric scooter. Unexpectedly, the electric bike behind was riding fast, and Ah Fei’s sudden turn made the other party unexpected. With a bang, the two cars collided, and A Fei and the other party fell to the ground.

Hearing the sound, the traffic police came quickly and helped both sides of the accident to get the car. A fine was then imposed on Afei. The other side of the fall was also the unreasonable master, and asked Ah Fei to compensate for the repair and medical expenses. A Fei admitted that he was wrong, so he had to pay for it obediently.

In fact, Ah Fei also fell hard. In the summer, his clothes were thin. This fall caused a lot of bruises on his body, and his knees were bleeding. The electric car was also broken, the plastic casing was shattered, and the handlebars were crooked. A Fei knew that he couldn’t go to work these days.

He resisted crying and told the traffic police that it was okay. But he knew that it was just his strong disguise. He’s going to be in disguise for the rest of his life.

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