In some note-taking software, I record a label such as #日子, mainly imitating the gratitude diary, to make some records of the beauty of life that may be forgotten, most of which can be recalled when I look back at some interesting moments.

Try making some excerpts within this page.

Two and three years old

Eleven Colds (2022.04)

I have had a cold in the last eleven, and it is very uncomfortable over and over again. In the evening, Dudu and Eleven played in the sun room for a while, when they heard my mother cough, looked at me and said:

Alas, you poor wife!

Beijing Aquarium

Checking in the Beijing Aquarium, basically all the way is what is this, what is this, what is this… Then from beginning to end, ah, I found my clownfish, you found the big turtle you were looking for.

During the performance at the Ocean Theater, the seal was almost finished, and Dudu was still asking me, when will it go into the water? Why doesn’t it go into the water?

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