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Let me start with some good news, the second edition of my book Tricks is coming out. The first edition printed 30,000 copies. It has been many years. It should be out of stock in many places. It is almost sold out. The publishing house is not at a loss. The best place to buy now is to catch more fish, and there are second-hand versions of various appearances.

Diverting the topic and chatting more than a few fish, I met one of the partners, a very young girl. Energetic and quick-witted, I wish I was also a modern young man, who has received a better education than us and has a brighter mentality than us. The product is also excellent. I see a lot of books now, as long as I can buy more fish, I will buy more fish, because it is convenient, and often can get a big discount. Some out-of-print books are also available.

The publishing house gave me a plan, adding 11 new articles and deleting more than 10 articles. The structure has been greatly adjusted, and the content has been reorganized into four parts and four themes. I am very satisfied, but I may have to wait and read it thoroughly before giving feedback to the publisher. If there is no accident, maybe it will be available in half a year to a year.

Only 11 new articles have been added, which means that in the 7 years from 15 to 22, I have not produced any particularly good content. There may be hundreds of updates, but these are only a few that can be read.

This actually has something to do with my life status. My company has been running well for 15 years. But then, the company closed down. After I lost the company, I had no direction for a long time. I joined two start-up companies, but once in the ocean, in other people’s companies, I felt that I had insight, but I felt powerless to control the overall situation. It may only be a talent who has started a business. have a feeling. But at that time, I was still very active in preparing to save and prepare to go out. The income is also quite rich, and there are occasional advertisements and rewards from the public account to obtain additional income.

However, in the last 18 years, after leaving the second company, it fell into a trough.

I was silent for half a year and sick for half a year.

When I got there, I climbed out, but I didn’t get out completely.

The biggest issue for me is meaning.

Actually, I was at my best age. I have the highest technical ability, I know the most things, I also have the experience of success and failure in the entrepreneurial stage, and I also have a wide range of contacts.

The problem, however, is the meaning, and the meaning disappears.

I don’t care about many things, and I feel like I can participate in many battles and even decide the outcome, but I don’t think that’s my battle anymore. I don’t care that much anymore.

Later, I left Shanghai, on the one hand to prepare for going to Japan, on the other hand to reduce the rent cost of 7,800 yuan a month, which is less than 100,000 yuan a year. In this way, even if I sink again, my economy will not have major problems.

There really is no problem.

But the mood is constantly beaten by the world.

Continue to find meaningless.

There is also the epidemic. During the two months of quarantine in Shanghai, on the one hand, I am glad that I have escaped, and I can order takeaways, get express delivery, and eat out relatively freely without worrying about my stomach. On the one hand, I was terrified, and felt that if I encountered the same situation, I might jump off the building within 3 days. This completely shattered my mood.

I don’t even go out for a walk…

Although I can actually go out, the community is not blocked, and I can even go out for travel, but I am self-restricted and blocked, and I don’t want to go anywhere, and I don’t dare to go anywhere.

This was especially true for the past three months. I didn’t even have the mood to write articles, make videos, or do 3D printing. I lived like a zombie every day… ingesting energy, waiting for dark, going to sleep, getting up, and going in an endless loop, it was like 18 The darkest day of the year…

It’s been a lot better these two days. I started to adjust my diet and started thinking about how to continue writing articles, how to make videos, and how to continue my 3D printing projects.

I don’t know what the future holds. Looking forward to from today to the end of 2023, I can frequently update this official account, my YouTube, my Douyin, and my 3D printing projects. Hopefully I can return to a positive state myself.

After all, autumn is here, is spring still far away?

Do you believe in the future?

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