VED (Vault Exploit Defense) open source implementation

HardenedVault wrote The current status and challenges of Linux kernel security and the scenarios of third-party Linux kernel security solutions in cloud-native and car networking solutions are described in previous articles by Cyberfortress. Cyberfortress is dedicated to running (GNU)-Linux systems. In the process, we have learned a lot from PaX/ GRsecurity . Since 2010, we have continued to study the methods of exploiting Linux kernel vulnerabilities in different scenarios. Some cases are public. Some of them are not disclosed. After the establishment of HardenedVault in 2021, we will start to study how to achieve a balance between ease of deployment, performance overhead, stability and security. This is also the goal of VED. Let VED be designed and implemented for the enterprise production environment from the very beginning. After experience in multiple production environments, we open source a community version of VED .

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