Visit Akihabara during Golden Week 2023

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Because the aquarium plan of the previous Skytree was ruined, it was changed to Akihabara.

On the contrary, in Akihabara, the flow of people during Golden Week is similar to that of weekends, so it is very comfortable to stroll around.



The アトレ of Golden Week is vtuber, but I am not very familiar with vtuber.




Wandering around, I suddenly remembered that there was a flash-mob of “Swaying Camping” in Boxus Akihabara Hobi-Tianguo 2, so I decided to go there.

Then I suddenly discovered that there was a flash mob of “Spy Classroom” downstairs in the “Swaying Camp” exhibition area!


After visiting “Spy Classroom”, there is the exhibition area of ​​”Swaying Camping” upstairs.



Some exhibition paintings of “Swaying Camp”.



The peripherals this time are mainly Q version, very cute!

Originally, there was a special gift for this purchase, but unfortunately it has already been sold out! It seems that the Golden Week is still underestimated!

In the end, the spoils of war were bought in the Royal Zhuyin account, but no photos were taken.

I hope it can be used during the next holy land pilgrimage.

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