Visiting relatives in Luogang

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On the morning of Saturday (23rd), the whole family and my father went to visit my aunt in Luogang.

The day before, my father went to the market early in the morning and purchased four orchard chickens. He asked the boss to take care of them, steam them, pack them and put them in the freezer. I went to the fruit wholesale market and bought a basket of apples and a Meixian red grapefruit, 20 pieces each, two tables. My brother, my cousin and my aunt divided it into four parts.

My cousin sent me a new address (relocation house). The whole 120-kilometer drive took an hour and a half. Get off the expressway at the exit of Xiangxue Station, walk straight for three or four kilometers and turn left for 200 meters. The relocation house is next to it. Wanda square. It has been five or six years since the last time, and great changes have taken place. The entire village has been expropriated and the old site is now occupied by high-rise buildings. When I was a child, I came to Luogang several times to visit relatives. The impression of the countryside has been blurred. The hills on both sides of the road have long been bulldozed for development.

I just moved into a relocation house this year, and everyone has a large and small relocation house under their name. This time I came here to visit my elderly aunt and take a look around their new home. My aunt and my dad are the oldest and youngest in the family, so they are more than ten years apart in age and are in good health. My uncle is 80 years old, and it is no exaggeration to describe him as running like flying. He always rushes ahead of us when we walk together. Most people can’t keep up with his pace. According to my aunt, he rarely gets sick and rarely takes medicine. His body is very good at maintaining this state. Great.

The plan was to go to Luogang before the National Day holiday, but I was afraid of traffic jams during the holiday, so I moved the trip a week forward. In addition, I was recently unemployed and had time, so I just left as soon as I could.

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