VMware ovftool arm zip package installation

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ovftool is an open CLI tool provided by VMware to import and export virtual machines in OVF format, supporting X86 and Arm.

The official provides two, one is similar to the .bundle installation package, and the other is the zip compressed package. This article describes how to use zip archives.

installation method

Step 1: Get the package

To obtain the arm installation package, it is recommended to download it through official channels, such as:

Step 2: Unzip

Unzip, for example:

 $ unzip VMware-ovftool-4.4.0-15722219-lin.aarch64.zip

Step 3: Configure environment variables

 $ + export PATH=$PATH:/home/worker/ovftool $ source .bashrc

Step 4: Use

 # ovftool --version VMware ovftool 4.4.0 (build-15722219)


libcrypt.so.1 is missing

 /root/ovftool/ovftool.bin: error while loading shared libraries: libcrypt.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


Just install libxcrypt-compat package, for example:

 # ArchLinux $ pacman libxcrypt-compat

wrong locale setting

 /root/ovftool/ovftool: line 10: warning: setlocale: LC_CTYPE: cannot change locale (en_US.UTF-8): No such file or directory

solution under arch ,

  1. Edit /etc/locale.gen and remove the comment symbol ( # ) before the lines en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8 and zh_CN.UTF-8 UTF-8
 $ vim /etc/locale.gen - #en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8 + en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8 - #zh_CN.UTF-8 UTF-8 + zh_CN.UTF-8 UTF-8
  1. Then use the following command to generate the locale :
 $ locale-gen
  1. Enter the contents of /etc/locale.conf :
 $ echo 'LANG=en_US.UTF-8' > /etc/locale.conf


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