Walking Evening News: It is unconstitutional for children to automatically change from their father’s surname 🇮🇹

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The photo below is the winner of the World Food Photography Competition “Pink Lady Food Photographer ” 2022. Indian photographer Debdatta Chakraborty captured the moment when a hawker in the Kashmir city of Srinagar was busy making kebabs. , Do you also feel that the aroma of barbecue is coming?

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[Selected Review] The world eats. India 🇮🇳

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The epidemic has made remote video conferencing a daily routine in the workplace, and it has also brought benefits such as reducing commuting costs and facilitating cross-regional collaboration, but a new study published in the journal “Nature” pointed out that video conferencing may hinder employees from being creative.

Experiments conducted by Columbia and Stanford Business School academics show that, in the same amount of time, employees who met in person were able to come up with more ideas and newer content for products than participants who met via Zoom. creative. However, the findings also suggest that employees’ decision-making process may become more efficient in the context of videoconferencing.

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Thirteen days after the disappearance of Debanhi Escobar, an 18-year-old girl in Mexico, her body was found in an abandoned cistern, which also aroused the anger of Mexican society-for the countless people who took to the streets to protest, the disappearance and death of Debanhi Escobar is the The epitome of what happened to thousands of Mexican women.

Cases of “femicide” (intentional killing of women or girls, gender-based hate crimes) have continued to rise in Mexico in recent years, with more than 1,000 cases classified as femicide in 2021 alone (the actual killing more women).

Mexican women also have a high rate of disappearance, with at least nine other women missing in the last month alone in Monterrey, one of Mexico’s wealthiest cities, where Debanhi Escobar vanished. About 2,800 women went missing in Mexico last year, a jump of nearly 40 percent from 2017, as protesters criticized the government’s lack of investigation and impunity as a breeding ground for rampant gender-based violence.

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The Italian Supreme Court has ruled that the current law that children automatically bear the father’s surname is unconstitutional. After the child is born, both parents’ surnames will be used at the same time, and the parents will coordinate the order of the surnames, or jointly decide to use the surname of only one of them.

According to the current Italian law, only in exceptional circumstances such as single mothers and the child’s father relinquish parental rights, children can take their mother’s surname alone. The Supreme Court wrote in its decision that surnames are an essential element of personal identity, and that both parents should have equal rights to choose their children’s surnames, and Congress will work to amend the law.

[Taiwan Case] ​​To My Dear Han Father: Written in the Constitutional Interpretation of the Aboriginal Identity Law

Quote of the Day

“Break the time and space and traveled through the universe, and found that all civilizations and all existences in all universes are similar – on the contrary, only in this messed up world, love and affection are true.”

——< What exactly did Mom do in the multiverse? >

Michelle Yeoh starring in the movie “Fuck the Multiverse” (Hong Kong translation: “Wonder Woman Plays to Save the Universe” Chinese translation: “The entire universe in a flash”) is very popular, no matter which version of the translation you/you prefer, let’s go columnist Jia Xuanning’s thoughts on how this “family drama in the cloak of sci-fi kung fu comedy” fell back to the Chinese family relationship that we are all familiar with after the “brain hole opened up and completely released”, please rest assured that the film review is free Take it! 🌌

Stills from “Fuck the Multiverse” (AP)

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