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Today is Global Tiger Day to raise awareness of endangered “big cats” – at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, there were about 100,000 tigers in the world; however, due to deforestation, habitat loss and poaching, etc. Factors, by 2010, the population has collapsed to an all-time low of 3,200, which also prompted more than 10 wild tiger distribution countries in the world to sign declarations, looking at the next Tiger Year – that is, 2022 to double the number of tigers🐯

With the arrival of the “Year of the Tiger”, Nepal is the only country that has achieved and surpassed the target . The number of wild tigers in the country has nearly tripled from 2009, but the conservation achievements have also brought new challenges to manage human-tiger conflicts – At least 16 people were killed in tiger attacks last year, according to government figures.

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Global Hotspot

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. In order to prevent the Moscow authorities from being threatened by oil and gas fuel resources, EU member states agreed to reduce the demand for natural gas from Russia by 15% this winter. In order to save energy, the northern German city of Hanover has adopted a series of measures, including closing Public fountains, city halls, museums and other buildings turned off lights at night, and public swimming pools, gyms, and gym showers stopped providing hot water.

In addition, from April to the end of September every year, the heating system of public buildings will be completely shut down. Mayor Belit Onay said that “the crisis of natural gas shortage is imminent”, and hopes to save as much fuel as possible before the winter season through economical policies.

out of gender

The 22nd British Association Games took place in Birmingham, England. At the opening ceremony, Tom Daley, a famous diver and four-way gold medalist, held the “Queen’s Scepter”, and chess players held high the LGBTQ flag. Entering together – this is the first time an athlete has been able to wave a rainbow flag on the podium, and what’s even more remarkable is that same-sex relationships are still illegal in more than half of the 54 participating countries.

“LGBT+ athletes have to be safe and feel comfortable being who they are without fear of persecution or death.” Daly, 28, who is married and has a son with her husband, said he had traveled to Pakistan, Jamaica, etc. National competitions where the law prohibits same-sex relationships feel like an “illegal” existence and are not safe outside the field, and I hope to speak out on behalf of the sports world: “If I am privileged to feel this way, I can’t imagine the British Federation. the daily life of the LGBT+ community.”


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I can’t just see

The Coca-Cola Company announced that the iconic green bottle of its Sprite will go into history on August 1. Sprite’s original green bottle contains polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is difficult to recycle, but the new transparent plastic bottle can be remade into a new bottle, helping to reduce plastic waste and promote a circular economy.

As a beverage giant, Coca-Cola is often criticized for producing a large amount of plastic waste – in 2020, the company was named the world’s number one plastic polluter by the environmental organization “Break Free From Plastic”, and its brand logo appeared in More than 13,000 pieces of discarded plastic in 51 countries are often found in public places such as parks and beaches.


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Quote of the Day

“I am proud of my son. Even if he knew he would be executed, he would do it.”​—< Remember Them: 4 Democracy Activists Executed in Burma Coup 🇲🇲

On July 25, the Myanmar military government announced the execution of four political prisoners. This was the first execution in Myanmar in 35 years and the first execution of political prisoners since the military coup in Myanmar. At present, the military government still refuses to disclose the location of the remains to the family, and has not indicated whether the remains will be returned. The author Weng Wanying wrote the story of four people, let us remember these four names together – not just statistics, but flesh and blood people.

#WhatsHappeningInMyanmar 【Remember them: 4 pro-democracy activists executed in Myanmar coup 🇲🇲 】
Those who took part in the demonstration said they were not intimidated by the actions of the military government: “Our generation will not be afraid. If they kill one Piao Ze Yasang, there will be countless Piao Ze Yasang.”

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