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Disney’s announcement that the live-action version of “The Little Mermaid” will feature a black singer (Halle Bailey) as the Little Mermaid has sparked a polarizing debate. Is the fictional character playing by a person of different skin color a politically correct slacker, or an innovation that promotes ethnic diversity?

ZOZO invites philosophy writer Zhu Jiaan to write an article on this topic. Readers are welcome to share your/your opinions and questions in the live writing post, and relevant opinions will have the opportunity to be included in the article for discussion!

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Global Hotspot

A 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck the southeastern mountains of Afghanistan near Pakistan early this morning, causing heavy casualties in Khost and Paktika provinces. Authorities said landslides destroyed hundreds of houses and at least 1,000 people. The quake killed and another 1,500 people were injured. Photos of the scene show a devastated scene. Search and rescue workers are still looking for survivors buried under the rubble.

Earthquakes often cause heavy casualties due to the unstable earth houses commonly found in rural areas of Afghanistan. An average of 560 people die in earthquakes every year. This is still the deadliest earthquake in Afghanistan in 20 years. After the Taliban returned to power last year , International aid agencies have withdrawn from Afghanistan one after another, the country’s economy is in trouble, and it may be unable to cope with the heavy losses of natural disasters.

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out of gender

The city council of the French Alpine city of Grenoble voted in May to allow Muslim women to wear “burkini” swimsuits that cover their body and hair in public swimming pools. However, France’s top administrative court ruled on the 21st that this move violated France The principle of secularity (laïcité) of separation of church and state and religious neutrality maintains the prohibition of wearing burkinis in public swimming pools.

The burkini issue has long sparked heated debates between supporters and opponents in France. The opposition advocates allowing the burkini to undermine France’s secular traditions, while the pros accuse the opposition of “Islamophobia”. The United Nations has called on France to lift the burkini since 2016 The burkini ban, saying the ban “contributes to religious prejudice and stigmatization of Muslims”.

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I can’t just see

The short film “Chi Dao” directed by Taiwanese director Wu Jien was originally scheduled to be screened at the Hong Kong Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival on the 21st, but the organizer temporarily announced before the scheduled time that the show had to be canceled due to the delay in obtaining approval after the “Chi Dao” was submitted for inspection.

The plot of “Chi Dao” imagines the future of Taiwan after the authoritarian regime has “redified” it. It combines the historical facts of white terror to describe the story of a pair of grandparents visiting the son/father of a political prisoner in prison. Wu Jien expressed that “imagination will come true” that the film could not be screened in Hong Kong, and decided to release the whole film online, thanking the people of Hong Kong for the inspiration: “Thinking is free, and viewing should be the same.”

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Quote of the Day

“Today, people still need to talk about ‘men can’t beat women’. This is a very sad time… Even if everyone agrees that ‘men can’t beat women’, the logic behind it is completely different.”

——” Jia Xuanning’s column: After the Tangshan Incident, a society that cannot see gender cannot stop violence”

The aftermath of the violence in Tangshan, China has not disappeared, and there is another case of women being beaten in Huizhou, Guangdong. There are many cases of men’s violence against women, but both the official and the public have the strength to try to play down the gender factor in the vague violence.

In this column, Jia Xuanning analyzed the gender aspect of the Tangshan incident and subsequent public opinion, and pointed out that if the gender perspective was missing when discussing the incident, the authorities’ “sweeping gangsters and evils” actions would not only be unable to eliminate and resolve the evil in the gender structure, much less. Prevent similar violence from happening again.


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