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The lockdown of the city during the epidemic was too boring, so New Zealand teenager Alexander Blong created the world’s longest Lego train 🚄

The train has a total of 101 carriages and is 25 meters long. 14-year-old Bloom was inspired by the album “Snowpiercer” during the closure of the city. It took about 50 hours to complete the work, and relying on the success of May this year. The test ride (see video) is certified by the Guinness Book of Records. Bloom will take the train around the country, so other kids can enjoy it, and make sure the well-built train “doesn’t lie in a basement or a cupboard.”

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Global Hotspot

All readers may be deeply impressed by the semi-underground apartment where the protagonist of the movie “Parasite High” lives, but in the real world, Seoul, South Korea has been hit by the “strongest rain in a century” for several days, killing 11 people and missing 8 people, including half of a family of three. The basement home was flooded and the 13-year-old girl drowned with her mother in her 40s, as well as the disabled family.

The tragedy has once again exposed inequality in the South Korean capital, which has turned low-rent but poor conditions semi-subterranean houses into shelters for the low-income population. Seoul officials announced that they will no longer issue construction permits for semi-underground houses in the future, gradually ban existing spaces from being used for residential purposes, and assist disadvantaged groups to relocate.

According to official figures for 2020, Seoul has about 200,000 semi-basement apartments, or 5 percent of all households in the city. More than half of South Korea’s semi-underground residents are in the capital, underscoring a crisis in soaring house prices in Asia’s fourth-largest economy.

out of gender

The Economist magazine recently published an article titled “Why are women in the Arab world fatter than men? , and used a photo of Iraqi actress Enas Taleb in the report.

The report sparked a backlash in the community. The article was criticized for being racist and sexist, and it was a shaming of Arab women. The article pointed out that social restrictions and economic poverty kept women at home. It may be that there are more women than men who are overweight in the local area. One of the reasons is that men find women with “fuller curves” more attractive, citing Taleb, a household name in Iraq with 9 million Instagram followers, as an example.

Taleb said the “Economist” used her photo out of context without permission, and the article was an insult to Arab women, which caused her to experience bullying on social platforms. Taleb said that she felt sorry for her posture. Satisfied and healthy, she will take legal action in the UK: “(The Economist) didn’t know I was a celebrity, angered me and counted them unlucky.”

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I can’t just see

Domino’s, the world’s largest pizza chain, was unable to bear the loss of the epidemic and announced its complete withdrawal from the Italian market. After the franchisee filed for bankruptcy, 29 stores have been closed. The news of the fast food giant’s withdrawal from the birthplace of pizza has received a lot of applause in the community. One Twitter user described it: “Opening a Merlot in Italy is like trying to sell snow in the Arctic.”

Domino’s, headquartered in Michigan, USA, has more than 18,000 stores in more than 90 countries around the world. It did not enter Italy until 2015. The goal is to gain a firm foothold with delivery services and American tastes. Domino’s has also lost its competitive edge as pizza restaurants partner with delivery platforms.

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Quote of the Day

Whether sexual harassment occurs in a closed space, as long as the other party completely denies it, and as long as there is no video recording of the whole process, the victimized women can only be silent, and cannot seek justice in justice?

The second instance of Xianzi v. Zhu Jun’s sexual harassment case , a landmark case of China’s Metoo movement, opened on the 10th. The Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court upheld the original judgment of the first instance and dismissed Xianzi’s appeal on the grounds of insufficient evidence.

In 2018, Xianzi publicly accused the famous CCTV host Zhu Jun of sexually harassing her during her internship at CCTV. The case received widespread public attention, and the relevant discussions were strictly censored and banned by the authorities. After the first trial, Xianzi pointed out that the court refused to collect a number of evidence and filed an appeal. Its Weibo and WeChat official accounts were subsequently banned.

After the court’s verdict, Xianzi, 29, stepped out of the courtroom and read her statement in court to the waiting supporters: “I want to ask the court: a woman who was sexually harassed in a closed space, she did not expect When the sexual harassment happened, there was no audio and video recording, and there was no resistance and scuffle with the other party, so how could she prove whether she had been sexually harassed? Could she just endure all this and pretend it didn’t happen?”

“I told my fear and panic at the time of the incident, my weakness and powerlessness after the incident, and believe that such a situation is not a minority, but a common plight of women… I hope that the next person will come to this courtroom The parties involved will get more understanding, and I believe that the statement at this moment is meaningful.” Xianzi said.

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