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What you/you are seeing now may be the thickest “book” in the world – this booklet with a thickness of 21,450 pages is actually difficult to read. It is more like a sculpture “presented in the shape of a book”. The sculpture uses The material is the Japanese manga “ONE PIECE”.

Artist Ilan Manouach printed and bound the digital version of the comic into a book called “ONEPIECE”. The 50-volume “single edition” was priced at 1,900 euros (about NT$58,000), and sold out soon after it was released.

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Global Hotspot

Nearly 7 months after the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, as the Ukrainian army recently recovered many lost ground, the four southeastern regions controlled by the Russian army – Donetsk (Donetsk), Lugansk (Lugansk), Kherson Kherson and Zaporizhzhia announced an “emergency referendum” on whether to become an integral part of Russia, a move that would follow the Crimea model and give Moscow the legitimacy to annex the territory and send troops.

In addition, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a speech to the nation, announcing that the country has entered a state of “partial mobilization”, and the Ministry of Defense will recruit 300,000 reserve soldiers to fight the war. Ukraine responded by calling Putin’s decision a “predictable step” and underscoring that the war was not going as the Kremlin expected.

out of gender

Nine years before her role as “Monica” in “Friends” became popular, American actress Courteney Cox had another identity – the first in history to say in a US TV commercial The person who coined the word “period” – became popular. (Extended reading: The Revolution in Underpants: A History of Menstruation )

A few days ago, the 58-year-old Cox released a video on Instagram, re-interpreting the 1985 cotton sliver commercial, replacing the menstrual problems in the film with the pain of menopause, which has aroused widespread resonance and has accumulated more than 9 million so far. views.

In a previous interview, Cox said that after the failure of plastic surgery, he began to slowly learn to let go of the mentality of chasing eternal youth and accept the gradually aging self. In the UK, a cross-party member of the Parliamentary Committee on Women and Equality advocated that menopausal women should be given more protection in the workplace, and a “menopause leave” is planned to be piloted in large public sectors.

can’t be just me

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has sparked a wave of mourning in Hong Kong , while also giving people a rare (low-key) opportunity to express their political opinions in recent years.

On the day of the Queen’s state funeral, a 43-year-old Hong Kong man played the British national anthem and “Glory to Hong Kong” on a harmonica outside the British Consulate General. “Act with Incitement to Intent”. Ironically, this offense from the British colonial-era Criminal Offences Ordinance had not been adopted for nearly half a century, and was not re-cited until Beijing enacted the Hong Kong National Security Law in 2020.

Quote of the Day

For preserving the earth isn’t a battle too large

To win, but a blessing too large to lose.

The 77th United Nations General Assembly was held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York . Leaders of various countries attended the meeting in person for the first time since the epidemic. Under the shroud of the war in Ukraine, the climate crisis, poverty and inequality, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, opened the opening ceremony. The speech warned that the world was “at risk and paralyzed”.

At this dark time, perhaps we need to listen to the latest poem “An Ode We Owe” recited by the young American poet Amanda Gorman on the stage of the United Nations. These issues may not be too big to be solved, but they are absolutely too important for you and me to ignore. .

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