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──Gender. society—

1. [Gendered Innovation in Taiwan: Policy Promotion and Teaching and Research Cases] (International Journal of East Asian Science, Technology and Society)

Event URL: reurl.cc/V1a636

Time: July 26 (Tuesday) 19:30-21:30​
Theme: From the “gender mainstreaming” at the turn of the century to the “gendered innovation” initiative in recent years, the international community has gradually incorporated gender perspectives into scientific and technological research and policy formulation. This forum will discuss how to take gender-based innovation as an approach and lead innovation based on issues from Taiwan’s gender and technology policy advancement, as well as specific cases such as fertility statistics, medical education, and gynecological cancer care.
Moderator: Du Wenling (Associate Editor-in-Chief of East Asia International Journal of Science, Technology and Society)
Cai Liling (Gender Education Institute, National Kaohsiung Normal University)
Wu Jialing (Former Editor-in-Chief of East Asian International Journal of Science, Technology and Society)
Yu Zhenyi (Gender Research Institute, Kaohsiung Medical University)
Li Jiangtao (Department of Nursing, Chang Gung University)

2.【Necessities of Kaohsiung Gay Family Welfare Policy】 (Kaohsiung·Women’s History)

Event URL: reurl.cc/O4b143

Time: July 30 (Sat) 14:00-15:30​
Topic: The same-sex marriage law has been passed for three years, but is the life of a gay family really so smooth? Did you know that gays today can’t actually adopt children together after they get married? In addition to the loss of adoption rights, do they encounter any difficulties in the exclusion of social welfare resources? After Kaohsiung City adopted the first gay adoption family in Taiwan, are other related administrative facilities ready?
Wai Wai & Meow Meow (Taiwan’s first gay dual-parent adoptive family)
Jia Rong (Director of the Office of Taiwan Gay Family Rights Promotion Association)

Women’s Bookstore Feminism Series: Empathy · Future Inspiration

Event URL: fb.me/e/1IztPUmPz

3.【The plasticity of (female) sex: from “Ghost in the Shell” to the gender meaning of epigenetics】

Time: July 30 (Sat): 00-:00​
Speaker: Liu Yalan (Associate Professor, Department of Humanities and Informatics, Truth University​)

4.【Online Misogynistic Culture: Deconstructing Digital Patriarchy】

Time: July 31st (Sunday) 14:00-17:00​
Speaker: Kang Tingyu (Associate Professor, School of Communication, National Chengchi University)​

– Contemporary. cross domain —

6. [You are a person from the earth, not an outsider – poverty never ends] (Lyw Liu Yaowei Youth International Volunteer Foundation)

Event URL: reurl.cc/vWnDQk

Time: July 26 (Tuesday) 19:30-21:00​
Theme: The theme of this lecture will revolve around the status quo of sustainable development in “Africa”. According to a United Nations report, in 2021 Africa will have 490 million poor people, accounting for 36% of Africa’s overall population. While African countries are facing the “poverty” dilemma, they also need to consider the challenges of environmental and social development! However, the challenges faced by African countries today are different from those in the past. Affected by the lack of information flow, many young people in our country’s imagination of Africa is still limited by stereotypes. Therefore, innovative volunteer actions are difficult to break through.
Yang Youren (Founder of Step30 Helping Your Old Shoes)
Lu Weichen (co-founder of wowAfrica)

7. [Geopolitics of Internet Governance: Towards a “Digital Cold War” or “Digital Cooperation”? ] (Taiwan Online Lecture Hall)

Website: www.twsig.tw/20220727/

Time: July 27 (Wed) 14:00-16:00​
Topic: With the active involvement of geopolitics and the pursuit of economic interests, will the global network governance pattern lead to a “digital cold war” with polar opposites, or a “digital cooperation” to resolve differences? After joining the “Future Internet Alliance” this year, how will these international agendas affect the global Internet development and my country’s Internet governance? This forum will invite expert representatives from different stakeholders to discuss the new geopolitical situation of network governance.
Moderator: Consultant Chen Wensheng (National Information Infrastructure Industry Development Association of the Republic of China, NII consortium legal person)
Talk to:
Professor Li Qiongli (International Relations Research Center, National Chengchi University)
Assistant Professor Peng Ruiren (Department of Political Science, Soochow University)
Huang Shengxiong, CEO (Taiwan Network Information Center)
Director Liu Danian (China Economic Research Institute Regional Development Research Center)

–history. Art -​

8. [Japanese tunnels in southern Taiwan at the end of World War II] (Kinmen National Park)

Event URL: reurl.cc/gMv71p

Time: July 29 (Fri) 19:00-21:00​
Speaker: Du Zhengyu (PhD from National Cheng Kung University, scholar of World War II and Cold War military history)

9. [Between Hitler and Stalin: The History of Blood and Tears of World War II in Eastern Europe You May Not Have Heard of] (Public Issues Reading Club)

Event URL: fb.me/e/2EzTMeQVv

Time: July 30 (Sat) 20:00-22:00​
Theme: We have all heard of the Second World War, we all know the two figures of Hitler and Stalin, and we have heard of the atrocities of the Nazis and the Soviet Union to some extent. However, for those of us who grew up in Taiwan, we used to look at this history from the perspective of Western European countries such as Britain, France and Germany, or pay more attention to the eight-year war of resistance against Japan and the Pacific War that were relatively close. In this lecture, I hope that through the book “Blood Land”, I can understand the perspective of Eastern Europe, which is relatively unfamiliar to the local area.
Speaker: Hung Shihan likes to read war history, especially how war and society interacted. After graduating from the Department of History at National Taiwan University, he went to the University of Edinburgh to study World War II in Europe. Currently working at Acropolis Publishing, his editorial masterpieces include “Scarlet Land”, “China’s Westward Expedition” and “The Dictator’s Chef”.

–public. human rights–

10. [What are you rushing to on the street: Talking about the experience of street movement] (Taiwan Association for the Promotion of Human Rights)

Event URL: fb.me/e/3AQvfRG6W

Time: July 29 (Fri) 19:00-21:00​
Topic: What do you think of when you think of social movements? Saying your voice directly on the street, practicing freedom of speech with physical actions, is often the most simple civil society image, no matter how the times evolve, new methods and new opportunities are introduced, the existence of grassroots space is a sound democratic social development and reform foundation, but do you know what these participants are thinking? Curious about the rights written in the eight hundred serious laws and conventions for the protesters, what meaning does it have in the real life of the protesters? This lecture invites three generations of representatives who have experienced many battles in different social movement fields, to torture their inner universe with struggle problems​
Moderator: Wang Xi (Deputy Secretary General of Taiwan Power Association (SpongeBob SquarePants fan who stutters))
Talk to:
Qiu Yubin (Head of the Department of Social Development of Pingtung University/Executive Committee of Taiwan Power Association)​
Lin Baiyi (Director of the Organization Department of the Higher Education Trade Union​)
Savungaz Valincinan (the proprietress who loves to bring goods abroad)​

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