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The traditional image of a Chinese father used to be a “back figure” full of authority, taciturn, and earning money to support the family

In our generation, there is no longer any difference in the expectations of fathers and mothers. Parents need to take care of their children and share housework. In the past, the “new good men” commonly known as “new good men” are now “ordinary fathers”.

But have you ever wondered how a man can become a “normal dad” by contemporary standards without the right role models? Faced with a parent-child relationship and a partnership relationship that is completely different from that of their parents, what kind of emotional growth will they experience?

This Thursday, ZOZO invited gender researcher #Kang Tingyu to talk with journalist #黄zhebin.

Hope to think together: what does it mean to be a husband/dad in this day and age?

📍Time: 8/18 (Thursday) 19:30 – 21:00
📍Physical tickets (limit of 15 people) and online tickets (limit of 90 people) are open simultaneously 📍Hand-knife registration: https://reurl.cc/eO9l6b

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──Gender. society—

1. [Can my reproductive choices, my body, really be up to me? ] (​Terminal Media)

Event URL: fb.me/e/2Ciz9FX9i

Time: August 15th (Mon) 20:00-22:00​
Theme: Fertility is never a trivial matter, and it is always affected and regulated. To give birth or not to give birth, how to give birth, when to give birth, and the way of parenting after giving birth are closely related to a society’s gender culture, concept, social policy, and attitude towards life. People who want to take reproductive autonomy in their hands need to be vigilant and resist at all times. The three guests of this lecture will share their different fertility choices and reflections, and discuss together: what affects our choices about fertility? How can we maximize our reproductive autonomy?
Zaozao (Participant in the first egg freezing case for single women in mainland China)
Austin (unmarried male with sterilization)
Sansan (new mom)

2. [Related to “#My Beautiful Dad”: Gender Pulse and Emotional Dialogue in Existing Cracks] (Female Bookstore·See Rheology Series Film Talks​)

Event URL: fb.me/e/5vgweqlBa

Time: August 20 (Sat) 14:00-17:00​
Screening | “My Beautiful Dad Lola Pater”, 95 min, 2017, Jiaying Entertainment post-screening sharing: Luo Peijia (Secretary General of Taiwan Women’s Film Society, Director of Taiwan International Women’s Film Festival)

3. [The Metaphor of “Asia’s First”: The Re/Co-construction of Marriage Family, Nation and Human Rights in the Legalization Movement of Same-sex Marriage in Taiwan] (Feminism Series Courses by Women’s Bookstore​)

Event URL: fb.me/e/2MIo30o1A

Time: August 21st (Sunday) 14:00-17:00​
Speaker: Hu Yuying (Associate Professor and Director, Institute of Gender Research, Kaohsiung Medical University​)

– Contemporary. cross domain —

4. [A reporter’s African perspective] (​Love Girls·Deep Africa)

Event URL: reurl.cc/xQQr7L

Time: August 15th (Mon) 19:30-21:00​
Topic: Everyone has heard of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, but have you heard of the Biodiversity Conference? UN Environment is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. This year’s Biodiversity Conference ended in June. Can the seven-day country-to-country negotiations bring about improvement for the planet? Duan Media reporter Li Yi’an will share the story of his interviews on the front line in Africa.
Lecturer: Li Yi’an (Reporter from Singapore’s Duan Media. This time, he received a European subsidy and went to the Kenya Biodiversity Conference to interview. Because Uganda’s recent discovery of new oil mining sites affects the environment, he also went to Uganda to report.)

5. [Understanding the Anxiety and Expectations of American Conservatives from “Suicide of the West”] (​Eight Flags Culture)

Event URL: fb.me/e/27EMHbmE1

Time: August 18th (Thursday) 20:00-21:30​
Theme: This lecture invites Liu Weiren, one of the Chinese translators of “Suicide of the West”, and Zhu Jiaan, a well-known Zapp writer, to discuss the anxiety and expectations of American conservatives, and then consider the following topics: 1. American conservatives and liberals What are you arguing about? What does it have to do with us? 2. How do people settle down in modern society? How do you view conservative family values? To what extent do we need traditional values ​​in our lives? 3. In Taiwan, what are the “traditional values” we can rely on?
Lecturers: Zhu Jiaan (Philosophy Chicken Cake Brain Board), Liu Weiren (Translator of this book)
Moderator: Tu Yucheng (Editor of Eight Banners Culture)

6.【String of Pearls Strategy: China’s Expansion Ambition in the Indian Ocean-Interview】(​Causeway Bay Bookstore-Taiwan Restart, Marco Polo Culture)

Event URL: fb.me/e/3OuPfalxt

Time: August 19 (Fri) 19:00-21:00​
Theme: As early as 2004, a US defense research report pointed out that China is establishing strategic relations with many countries in the Indian Ocean and setting up military bases. This series of strongholds are like “pearls on the sea”, including Djibouti, which controls the entry and exit of the Red Sea. , Gwadar in Pakistan, the deep-water port Hambantota in the south of Sri Lanka, Chittagong in the south of Bangladesh and Kyaukpyu in Myanmar, as well as a series of intermediary islands such as Morriss, Seychelles and Maldives in the Indian Ocean. Military observers call it the “string of pearls strategy.”
Speaker: Lin Yujing (Chinese translator of “Strategy of the Strand of Pearls”)

–history. Art –

7. [Japan’s investigation and understanding of Manchurian horse thieves before and after the European War] (​Humanities and Social Sciences Research Center of the National Academy of Sciences)

Event URL: reurl.cc/MNNlQp

Time: August 17th (Wednesday) 15:00-16:00​
Topic: Dr. Lin Hengfen will analyze and compare the contents of Japanese official investigations on Manchurian horse thieves before and after the European War, and explore his views on horse thieves. The investigation of horse thieves in Japan focused on 1904-1905, 1914-1918, 1920-1921, 1923-1925, and 1932. Most of these investigations were conducted in the context of war and were written by the Japanese military and police; investigations before 1918 focused on southern Manchuria, and 1920-1921 focused on the situation in northern Manchuria. During the war, the Japanese personnel stationed in Manchuria and Korea investigated the Manchurian horse thieves, which provided an important basis for understanding the Japanese government, the Kwantung Governor’s Office/Kwantung Office, and the Kwantung Army to grasp the movements of the Manchurian horse thieves and formulate future business policies.
Moderator: Hua Yifen (Deputy Director of the Center for Humanities and Social Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences)
Speaker: Lin Hengfen (doctoral researcher at the Center for Humanities and Social Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences)
Reviewer: Lin Wenkai (Associate Researcher, Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica)

8. [Hong Guangji: Taiwan Landscape Theory] (Cube Plan Space​)

Event URL: fb.me/e/1LULKfai9

Time: August 20 (Sat) 14:00-16:00​
Theme: “Japanese Landscape Theory” was proposed by the geographer Shiga Shigeyoshi in 1894 as a new way of viewing the Japanese landscape. This lecture will illustrate how this landscape theory evolved and, when incorporated into the many ideological trends of Taisho Democracy, influenced the way the Japanese Empire defined Taiwan’s landscape.
Lecturer: Hong Guangji (Associate Professor, Department of Geography, National Taiwan University)

–public. human rights–

9. [How should democratic Taiwan regulate China’s penetration of the Internet celebrity industry] (United for Economic Democracy​)

Event URL: reurl.cc/NRRWA6

Time: August 18 (Thursday) 10:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00​
Topic: As a democratic country that respects freedom of speech, how does Taiwan regulate China’s penetration of the internet celebrity industry? How should Taiwan defend democracy and resist China’s attack on Taiwan’s democratic system through the Internet celebrity industry? This symposium invites scholars and experts from law, China studies, and media circles to discuss and build consensus on the policy direction. The morning session will analyze and review the current regulatory means, and the afternoon session will focus on the draft “Digital Intermediary Service Law” and Jingminlian Advocate that the Political Contributions Law should be included in the discussion of the transparency of the source of political advertising funds.

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