Wang Chaoyong, the actual controller of Xinzhongli, was forced to execute another 550 million

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 Titan Media App reported on August 4 that recently, Xinzhongli and its actual controller, Wang Chaoyong, were listed as executors again, with an execution target of more than 553 million yuan. Up to now, the company's accumulated execution amount exceeds 1.59 billion yuan. It is reported that Wang Chaoyong founded Xinzhongli Capital Group in 1999 and has served as chairman since then. Xinzhongli is one of the earliest investment institutions engaged in venture capital and private equity investment in China. The scale of its managed funds once exceeded 30 billion, and it has invested in nearly 200 companies. However, after the failure of investing in Huicheng Technology , the broken capital chain and the explosion of pledged equity many times, Wang Chaoyong also fell to the altar.

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