Wanxun Technology Completes US$10 Million PreA+ Series Financing

Wanxun Technology is a service robot developer dedicated to providing flexible, dexterous and safe work-based interactive service robot solutions for industries and families. Wanxun Technology is committed to ensuring the safety of front-line workers and improving operation efficiency by improving the actual physical operation capabilities of robots. Recently completed the PreA+ series of financing, with a cumulative amount of nearly 10 million US dollars. Lanchi Venture Capital and Shunwei Capital led the investment, and the old shareholder Wanwan Capital joined the investment. The finalization of this series of financing will further accelerate the research and development of new products of Wanxun Technology’s service robots and the building of high-quality teams, strongly promote the commercialization of multiple scenarios, and at the same time build technical barriers to expand technological leadership in the field of interactive robots.

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