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Little Hunger and Great Hunger

Corresponding to those who are physically hungry and those who are hungry at the meaning of life.
Little Hunger Emi longed to become a Great Hunger one day, but Ben, who was born a Great Hunger, was distorted and morbid because of the lack of meaning in life. In order to make life “interesting”, she traveled, smoked marijuana, and “burned plastic sheds” for herself. offering.

Why do people use drugs? because of emptiness. – “Disciples”

meaning of life

Human beings are born with two problems, one is survival, the other is the meaning of life.
I will inevitably die, sooner or later. Under this premise, how should I spend my life?

Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.
Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary means of earning a living. But poetry, beauty, romance and love are what our lives are about. –“Dead Poets Society”

The question of the meaning of life is something that everyone needs to think about, and other people’s answers cannot solve our problems. Because only the answers that grow out of our hearts can settle our hearts.

Jong Soo’s Revenge

Why did Jong-soo want revenge for Hye-mi?
Because Emi is that light in his life.
This light is love, not just desire, nor “deal.”

Any relationship is interactive, and so is love.
Although Emi’s love did not overcome her thirst for material things, it was undoubtedly real.
But for Jong-soo, the only support for Hye-mi’s love is the story of falling into the well. This story might even be where it all started. He fell to the bottom of the well and looked up in despair. The first person he saw was Zhong Xiu, and he followed him silently from then on. But the only thing he said to her when he was young was that she was ugly. Later, she moved away and had plastic surgery when she grew up. Perhaps because of this, you will be burdened with card debt and cut off ties with your family. And finally one day, they met again, and there should have been a better story behind. Ben’s appearance changed everything, but it boils down to the problem of society as a whole.

social problem

The poor are burdened with food and clothing every day, and the rich have a heart of insufficiency. – “Dream of Red Mansions”

Food and clothing are no longer a problem, and education, health care and housing leave people in debt and enslaved.

  1. Serious unemployment problem, picky recruitment conditions
  2. The society is polarized, and the young Gatsby’s toilet is bigger than the house that Huimei rents.
  3. torn love

    1. Zhong Xiu’s father was about to go to jail, her mother abandoned her husband and son, and her married sister never showed up.
    2. Huimei is burdened with card debt and cut off contact with her family
    3. family where ben never showed up
  4. withered countryside

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