weaker than weak

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The video of “Second Uncle” itself is not worth discussing. Whether it is true or not is no longer a topic for people to discuss for today’s Simplified Chinese Internet. What’s more, it publishes a social media platform with more young people in China. What role does it have? For “analysts”, just like the “Hou Lang” that had the same purpose, there are various angles of analysis, speculation and even. is the definition of malicious. So this video itself is meaningless, and it set off a national orgasm together, and then the official media intervened, making this orgasm more disgusting, as if halfway through and found that not only did you insert the wrong hole, but also inserted Just like the dung of a chicken bar, those who should accept their fate are always those who are led by the nose and the nose.

How to say, people climaxed at the beginning because they were in such a “big environment”, they saw a lot of gaps and dissatisfaction between themselves and the world from the “Second Uncle” who was created, but he was just right. Being “lower level” than these people makes them feel overwhelmed by feelings of sympathy for others while they will have too many feelings of helplessness for themselves. However, such a climax was destroyed in a timely manner – until the intervention of the official media , half of the national climax set off by “Second Uncle” was a sigh of injustice and desolation in this society, and even a feeling of being in a bad place. Sad and helpless in such a society. But once the official media came in, they began to judge this event that moved so many people in a manner of promoting beauty and positive energy. Although he pretended to be as moved as they were, he always represented the cause of this society. Today’s “spokesperson”. Therefore, the trend of “Second Uncle” will eventually become deformed. People feel helpless to themselves. Because of the official intervention, this helplessness has been forcibly turned into a touching “look”, and then they also commented: As long as people Work hard and you can get their achievements.

These people who are so moved will eventually come to their senses, as if they were being played like monkeys.

In fact, if you change the premise of “if”, you can start the story again: if there is no quack doctor, “Second Uncle” is not disabled, but will he be discovered by the society? Even if there is that quack doctor, will the disabled “Second Uncle” be recognized by the society because of his talent, because it is impossible for him to pass the so-called college entrance examination for talents; even if “Second Uncle” does have these If a person can discover the ability, then what kind of life will he lead? Does he still have such a “function” that can make the whole people climax? Of course, even if there is no “Second Uncle”, there may be a “Fourth Uncle”. Scripts like “Three Masters” can appear, as long as they do the “right role” at the “right time”.

“Second Uncle” is an inevitable existence, and to play the so-called bad hand well, this is not a necessity, but a “response”. As long as people didn’t discover his existence, he lived the life of an ordinary person; and when he was discovered, he became a means of national climax under the script. Let’s push it back, what is the reason for “Second Uncle”? Is it because people need him as a “template” to follow the trend of the times, as a positive energy to give people hope and dreams; or because his existence itself is a “template” created by this society, and he was discovered, It’s just a script that conforms to the “traffic password” of the times.

Under such a script, the “Second Uncle”‘s orders and the sympathy earned by “Second Uncle” are worthless but full of meaning – his meaning is that he makes most people sympathize and survive Courage – it’s just that no one wants to pierce this kind of courage – you can see that he is so miserable, and he can live so well, so should I also live well and no longer spiritually confine myself.

Chinese people love Bimiser, but on the surface, they are not miserable, they are more morally kidnapping capital; but behind the scenes, they are more miserable. way to prove that he is not so miserable that he needs to be sympathized with.

The reason why “Second Uncle” has touched so many people is not only because his story is full of positive energy, but more importantly, he is more like a shot in the arm, which can make those who still don’t want to admit that they have a miserable life, Seeing people who are more miserable than yourself, has more courage and confidence than yourself – sympathy is the least valuable, of course, it is indeed a very meaningful thing – the true meaning of being weaker than weak is to let your weak see Going up is not that weak, at least he can survive to the end.

No, or “Second Uncle” is more like a Viagra, he can make those reproductive worshipers who have become impotent erect again, what is not important, the important thing is that they can learn from weaker rules of the game, See the so-called power that is left in the end.

At the end, I will summarize something that is not related to “Second Uncle”. Of course, this summary may provoke some people, and even slander those who have regarded “Second Uncle” as their spiritual leader:

As long as beggars can get up early, they will not be beggars.

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