[Web3Q·Lite] Daily Twitter Web3 Essence (AI Noise Reduction·Chinese Free Version)

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[Web3Q·Lite] Daily Twitter Web3 Essence (AI Noise Reduction·Chinese Free Version)

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🖍 # 20220610 Changelog

  • The tide ebbs and flows in your circle, and the building rises and collapses. In less than a week, a few chasing horses really took a lot of attention. Fortunately, I mainly learned about these things from this email from Web3Q. Don’t waste more life immersed in chasing dramas on Twitter.

🖼 digital collection

  • [LooksRare VS X2Y2: Who will replace monopoly by issuing tokens? ] The emergence of NFT has created a new scenario for digital consumption and investment. As an information intermediary, NFT Marketplaces plays an important role in the NFT industry chain. LooksRare and X2Y2 are rising stars that are breaking the monopoly. In this article, LooksRare and X2Y2 are compared from various aspects. View details: Click on the link >> Click on the link >> (via @KingData Chinese | We are Hiring )
  • 14 questions you need to know about investing in the NFT trading platform token x2y2Click the link>>

🦸‍♀️ Chain Games/ Metaverse

💰 Transaction Finance
  • This is the most tiring article I have ever written, 4000 words in 6 hours, explaining the ins and outs of the 20 million stolen Optimism for everyone. I am not ashamed to call it the first in-depth analysis article on the entire network. Click the link >> (via @jason chen )
  • [Read the cost economics of Rollup in one article: Why are the more users, the cheaper the cost? ] Click on the link >> (via @Web3Caff Chinese Media | Hiring )
🔖 comprehensive
  • After a period of silence, my web3 spiritual mentor Jentzsch finally reappeared, but the entire industry seems to have forgotten his existence, and most people don’t even know who he is. (Jentzsch invented DAO in the paper in 2016, and open sourced the first DAO protocol and paper) Click on the link >> (via @立方hlab.app Hedgehog Lab label manager )
  • [Rethinking the DAO Contributor Funnel Structure: How to Design a Layered Incentive Scheme for DAOs? ] How to design an effective incentive scheme for #DAO? This article compiled by Web3Caff from @singularityhack will propose a hierarchical scheme with member levels and holding different amounts of tokens, and discuss how to solve the incentive problem in the operation of DAO with a contributor funnel structure, and learn at a glance. Click the link >> (via @Web3Caff Chinese Media | Hiring )

🌟 Hot discussion yesterday

  • #GETTR #CUBE #Ethereum #DeFi #Bitcoin #Binance #myriagames #myria #Chainlink #Optimism #cryptotrading #StarkNetEco #PUNKS #OKX
  • @alibaba_cloud @neo_hunters @weirdoghostgang @tokenpocket @t18dao @premint_nft @optimismpbc @gitcoin @spaceidprotocol @pieceofshit_wtf @oasisprotocol

📦 recommend

  • MixPay is a decentralized cryptocurrency payment service platform based on Mixin Network. The bottom layer of MixPay has the ability to separate payment, pricing, and settlement. It supports settlement in any cryptocurrency and fiat currency, supports payment in any wallet, and provides three settlement modes: ordinary users, robots, and multi-signature. MixPay, born for Web3.
  • We are waiting for you. We welcome the sponsorship of Web3 / NFT / Metaverse projects and investment institutions. It is not expensive at present.

📌 near-term development plan

  • Chinese and English versions of AI model training continue to be optimized << Ongoing
  • New email API build << under evaluation
  • A more beautiful presentation << under evaluation
  • Notion Integration << Shelving
  • Welcome to email and reply to other functions you want to achieve…

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