[Web3Q·Lite] Daily Twitter Web3 Essence (AI Noise Reduction·Chinese Free Version)

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[Web3Q·Lite] Daily Twitter Web3 Essence (AI Noise Reduction·Chinese Free Version)

Web3Q · Lite Daily Twitter Feature

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🖍 # 20220611 Changelog

  • The Chinese Web3 circle is so cool, I haven’t seen a few KOLs post this #SingToEarn

    @Melody_SGS Well. (See “Yesterday’s Popular” at the bottom for more details)

🖼 digital collection

  • In the NFT market, Solana’s supporters have always been based on “fast transaction speed”, “almost no handling fee”, and “low threshold”
  • and other advantages to promote evangelism. So what does the real Solana NFT market look like? View details: Click on the link >> Click on the link >> (via @KingData Chinese | We are Hiring )

  • The news that mfer project founder sartoshi announced his retirement today is sad. The incognito celebrity did not give a reason for withdrawing from the circle, but left a piece of work called “end of sartoshi” to withdraw from the circle. Click the link >> (via @[email protected] )
  • SeedClub Podcast, listening to 0xDEAFBEEF’s story is so healing and makes me slow down. 1> I use the ancient C language to develop NFT; 2> Each NFT is priced at 0.05ETH, limited to 10 pieces, sold out as soon as it goes online, I don’t do a community, and no one asks me to discuss the price; 3> In addition to coding, accompany Family, what am I doing? I handcraft wedding rings in my garage, oh, that’s my main business, 3000 sold; click the link >> (via @dao4ever.eth )

🦸‍♀️ Chain Games/ Metaverse

  • The classic model summarized by Tan Siliang, CEO of Qutoutiao: “M>N” – “M” refers to the advertising revenue generated by users, and “N” represents the incentive for users. As long as “M>N”, the company can make money. Simply put, it is to spend money to buy user time, and then sell it to advertisers. Left-hand traffic, right-hand advertising. I wrote an article in early 2019, explaining that compared with web2’s model of spending money to buy users’ attention, I am more optimistic about web3’s use of Tokens to motivate users’ attention. Click the link >> (via @Xavier Lee (ABC.eth) )
  • Wall crack recommends Andy’s latest chain game article “Web3 Metaverse: A Hot Pot Restaurant That Needs Self-fried Bottoms” from IOSG! After reading the first paragraph, I couldn’t help laughing: There are three restaurants on a food street (game industry): one is a Sichuan restaurant (traditional web2 game) that has been open for decades, and the chef uses time-tested craftsmanship for you. Prepare delicious food with stable quality (high-quality game products); click on the link >> (via @W Labs Guatian Lab )
💰 transaction finance
  • [Coinbase: The real reason for the continued downturn in the crypto market] Don’t fight the Fed. What does the performance of market participants tell us? In this article we will analyze the recent downturn in the cryptocurrency market. Full text reading and sharing: Click the link >> (via @[email protected] )
  • According to the data on Crunchbase, @UnlocksCalendar counted almost all of the Crypto VCs above, there are currently 639, and there may be fish that slip through the net. Do so many VCs make money? Of course it is impossible. When most VCs become new leeks, it is estimated that there will be a new bull market. Click on the link >> (via @deep tide TechFlow (420,69 )
  • PwC report: Nearly one-third of hedge funds plan to invest in cryptocurrencies, and 19% of hedge funds active in the cryptocurrency market say they have NFT exposure. According to the findings of the “2022 Global Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund Report” released by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the proportion of hedge funds that use the cryptocurrency market as a future investment option has increased from 26% last year to 29% this year. Click the link >> (via @[email protected] )
  • I analyzed the exchange wallets with strong price correlation through JieData, and these addresses have not been marked yet. We traced to many exchange wallet addresses according to the changes in the balance distribution when the price fell. JieData advanced screening is currently the whole universe ( Bragging) The strongest tool on the Bitcoin analysis chain, watch our YouTube videos carefully, and it is recommended to watch every video. Click the link >> (via @JieData_CN )
  • 【The bear is here? A quick look at the asset trends of the Top50 giant whales] The market has grown from 250 billion in December last year to 106 billion today. In just half a year, the ecological TVL of all chains in the entire industry has dropped by nearly 60%. By analyzing the top 50 wallet addresses on DeBank, this article takes stock of these 8 DeFi platforms with pledge or liquidity mining preferences. Click the link >> (via @Web3Caff Chinese Media | Hiring )
🔖 comprehensive
  • N/A

🌟 Hot discussion yesterday

  • #Bitcoin #DeFi #myriagames #myria #SingToEarn #Binance #MoveToEarn #Ethereum #mfers #cryptotrading #Optimism #MusicNFT #CryptoNews #MusicNFTs
  • @melody_sgs @alphagangx @nftscj @jeffreychao8 @ag_giveaway @sartoshi_nft @dashutiaozi @premint_nft @gitcoin @bovineverse @alibaba_cloud @unknown__nft @tengudaruma_ @superangelnft

📦 recommend

  • MixPay is a decentralized cryptocurrency payment service platform based on Mixin Network. The bottom layer of MixPay has the ability to separate payment, pricing, and settlement. It supports settlement in any cryptocurrency and fiat currency, supports payment in any wallet, and provides three settlement modes: ordinary users, robots, and multi-signature. MixPay, born for Web3.
  • We are waiting for you. We welcome the sponsorship of Web3 / NFT / Metaverse projects and investment institutions. It is not expensive at present.

📌 near-term development plan

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  • New email API build << under evaluation
  • A more beautiful presentation << under evaluation
  • Notion Integration << Shelving
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