WeChat, Alipay test “credit card cash withdrawal” function


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Pinwan, August 25th, according to the Shanghai Securities News, WeChat and Alipay have recently launched the “Credit Card Cash Withdrawal” function in cooperation with some banks, and are currently open to users for testing on a small scale.

On Alipay of invited users, users can experience the function of credit card cash withdrawal by clicking “My” – “Borrow” – “More Quota” or directly searching for “Credit Card Cash Withdrawal”. Judging from the information displayed on the relevant pages of Alipay, Alipay currently only supports three institutions, namely Bank of Ningbo, China Everbright Bank and Ping An Bank. The service has not been opened yet, so stay tuned.”

At present, Alipay provides two services, “single-month repayment” and “monthly repayment”. A Ping An Bank credit card user with a credit limit of 90,000 yuan found that the maximum cash withdrawal limit for “single-month repayment” is 35,000 yuan, and the annual cash withdrawal limit is 35,000 yuan. The interest rate is 18.25%, the maximum cash withdrawal amount for “monthly repayment” is 94,600, and the annualized interest rate is 17.91%. The relevant Alipay agreement shows that the “single-month repayment” cash withdrawal limit will be included in the minimum repayment amount of the current credit card bill, and the “monthly repayment” is to repay in installments according to the agreed repayment cycle and amount.

In WeChat, invited users can experience the credit card cash withdrawal function through the credit card repayment page and the bank’s official account. In the actual test, users can apply for cash withdrawal after agreeing to the relevant agreement and adding their own collection savings account.

At present, the credit card cash withdrawal functions of WeChat and Alipay are exempt from handling fees. Compared with the current 1%-2.5% handling fee of banks, it is more favorable to withdraw cash from WeChat and Alipay. In addition, the funds withdrawn from the credit card can only be withdrawn to the own bank card, which means that the bank will control the use of the withdrawn funds, which is limited to daily consumption, and is prohibited from investing in the stock market, property market and other fields.

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