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2022-31: Engineering Efficiency Practices at Databend

[[Databend]] Introduction to efficiency engineering, using SaaS to complete most of the work, Self Host Github Runner try to use [[AWS]] internal services to reduce traffic costs.

Efficiency engineering experience:

  • Correct positioning
  • incremental change
  • Open and transparent

Improving the Experience of Making Envoy Route Changes

[[Lyft]] Improvements to [[envoy]] configuration, existing problems:

The original routing configuration is maintained using the [[Jinja]] template, which cannot perform good syntax checking and verification, and is now replaced by [[Golang]]

The original [[envoy]] API is referenced in both the configuration plane and the control plane. When [[envoy]] is upgraded, compatibility issues need to be considered, and now it is only referenced in the control plane

The original Route table check tool could not be distributed well (why would a binary not be distributed well?), it was changed to an internal check tool, and CI detection results were added.

Brief description of container CPU and Memory limit behavior

Introduction to basic configuration parameters of CPU and Memory cgroup.

Avoiding CPU Throttling in a Containerized Environment

[[cgroup]] Use cpuset to avoid CPU throttling.

How to remove a stuck namespace

[[kubernetes]] How to remove namespace, usually because of [[Finalizers]].

“Who Should Write the Terraform?”

Who should write Terraform? Based on the actual organizational situation, I understand that the ultimate expectation is that the Developer will write. Read together Developers Should Deploy Their Own Code

HashiCorp 2022 State of Cloud Strategy Survey

[[hashicorp]] Survey on Cloud. Multi-cloud is already a fact, mostly independent teams maintain multi-cloud resources. 94% of them believe that there is a waste of resources.

Use One Big Server

The author’s point of view is that using a top-tier server can take on a lot of services, and vertical scaling is far more convenient than horizontal scaling. From an availability point of view, you can use public cloud, but don’t use public cloud completely, the premium of public cloud is obvious. But this is all based on the large scale of the business scenario. If the business scale is small, then paying by volume is a good choice.

When Microservices Are a Bad Idea

When should a [[microservice]] design be done? Don’t do this unless the reason is very clear.

When the existing program is still running well, a good module split may be a better choice than directly splitting into microservices, the former is itself a part of the latter. The premise of microservice design is that the infrastructure is sufficiently complete.

How Kubernetes Reinvented Virtual Machines (in a good sense)

Explain why we need [[containers]] and [[kubernetes]] from an application deployment perspective. Before, from the perspective of application release (binary -> tar -> rpm/deb -> container) to explain why [[container]] is needed.


Why do migrant workers collectively fall into the “shit job” trap?

“Meaningless Work”

After all, we’re already in an age of “shit jobs”. And if this “shit” comes from a systemic force with a slightly irresistible color of the times, then we need to have more reflection on our work.
And finally, a bowl of “chicken soup” that Graeber hands over at the end of the book:
“Most people like to talk about freedom in the abstract, and even claim that freedom is the most important thing…but very few people think about what it means to live in freedom.”
So the purpose of this book is not to propose solutions, but to advocate for people to think and discuss true freedom and more reflection on “normal”.
“Shit job is a window”.
It not only looks at society from the outside, but also looks at life from the inside.

Behind the demise of Shopee: The global chaos of a Southeast Asian giant most like China’s

[[Shopee]]’s observation article

“Sweet Honey” is obviously a tragic love movie, why is the title called “Sweet Honey”?

Little people’s love is always sweet.

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