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Post-CentOS Era in Conversation with the CentOS Community Committee

In the stage before the [[centos]] stream, it is difficult for users to participate in the development stage of [[RHEL]], and it is impossible to directly contribute code through [[centos]] to ensure that the next version of [[centos]] contains what they have discovered. bug fixes can only be made by contributing to the component itself, and then it is up to the RedHat developers to decide whether to include it in the next release. In the stage after [[centos stream]], users can directly contribute to [[centos]] to ensure that [[centos]] contains bug fixes. As for whether [[RHEL]] is fixed, it is up to RedHat itself.

What are the future development plans for Fedora, Stream, and RHEL?

Interview question: How to choose between developing new features and refactoring old code?

For all business companies, first principles are always business, not product or technology.


1) Someone wants to solve problem X 2) He thinks Y might be the solution to problem X 3) But he doesn’t know what Y should do 4) So he asks others what should Y do? Instead of asking how to solve problem X, ask how solution Y should be implemented and operated .
The biggest serious problem of the XY Problem is: **Wasting a lot of other people’s time and energy in a fundamentally wrong direction.

Nomad, Kubernetes, and a Pragmatic Look at Choosing Orchestrators

In what scenarios do you use Nomad and in what scenarios do you use Kubernetes?

Analyze TCP throughput bottlenecks with Wireshark

hands-on teaching

Common distributed application system design diagram (14): log system

Log system component design.

No observability without theory

  • Data is just data until theory makes it signal. The next time you need to build an observable system, or make a system more observable, take the time to consider not just what data the system produces, but how to surface a coherent theory of the system’s workings. Remember that observability is about delivering meaning , not just data.

Theory and data are interrelated, and neither the lack of theory nor the lack of data will allow us to make good observations of the system. When creating a chart, you need to clearly know the meaning of the chart and the impact of numerical fluctuations. When creating an alarm entry, in addition to generating the alarm, the corresponding diagram and operating instructions should also be displayed.

How to Handle Kubernetes Health Checks

An accident review caused by misconfiguration of K8s health check. The author uses the default health check configuration of the Spring Boot framework as an application check. Some exceptions unrelated to the application cause the application health check to fail, which in turn causes the application Pod to be killed.

The default Metric, Tracing, and Log of the application do not have health check records, which makes it difficult to troubleshoot. Finally, the log of the eBPF agent is used to assist the investigation.


Should we pay for CI/CD? This paper introduces the development of CI/CD. It is mentioned that the maintenance work of self-built CI/CD is invisible. It is difficult for us to accurately assess the cost of this part.

SSH Tips and Tricks

Some tips on SSH, of which ControlMaster and ServerAliveInterval are useful.


The 1-1 Agenda

[[Gitlab]] Introduction to 1-1. The number of personal 1-1s is very small, and each time I don’t know what to talk about.

This may be the most complete introduction to Middle Eastern barbecue.

Eat (although it feels like the barbecue tastes the same).

Social Networks Live in Name – #28

What I care more about is people, people who can really generate dialogue and share good things. My WeChat Moments are carefully maintained by me, most of them are blocked, and the rest are for sharing life, such as posting babies, playing games, and sharing ideas. “Friends” circle should be friends, not a circle.

book shadow

“Resolve to Break Up”

A very beautiful love movie.

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