Weekly Talk (1) – Documents and videos, which learning method do you prefer?

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The content is boring, nutritious but not much. Purely to exercise writing and thinking skills, so I plan to write a topic every week, and publish it from Monday to Sunday from time to time

If so, this is what I’m thinking about today. Inspired by a post I saw on the dev.to site. For the way of learning, do you prefer to watch the documentation or the video? I think it can be analyzed from multiple dimensions.

  1. learning progress
  2. industry sector
  3. What kind of habit should be formed the day after tomorrow?

1. Learning progress

Learning progress is probably the most influential factor in how you learn.

The initial stage of learning is mainly based on watching videos, and you should be unfamiliar with this field. It seems that people in the industry can do very simple operations easily. Newcomers often cannot understand it well, so the first stage is best. Mainly video teaching materials.

For example, when you go to school, teachers always teach by hand, because you don’t know anything, so you have to pass it on by word of mouth. This is the way to treat newcomers. If you let him read all the time, he probably won’t be able to read a few pages after a semester. Book. (Of course, with the exception of geniuses, this is not in the scope of discussion, 90% of everyone is ordinary people.) Then in the later stage, it is usually self-study because the basics of the teaching are all taught, and students need to study and ponder on their own, otherwise they will not be at all. cannot be integrated.

From this perspective, self-study seems to be the end of the learning style.

2. Industry field

Taking myself as an analogy, I tend to read documentation, and occasionally watch videos, but not much. Because I find it difficult to see at a glance whether the content in the video is what I need,

If I look at the document, through keyword search and other methods, I can find the content I want in a controllable and short time, which is extremely convenient for both study and work.

When looking at the code, the document is the most clearly discernible, but when I was thinking about it, I asked the subject, “Which way do you usually study more, watching videos or reading articles?”

Answer: “It must be watching videos, otherwise you will watch me buy so many video courses.”

I suddenly realized that I supplemented the direction that I hadn’t thought about before, the influence of the industry on the way people learn, my girlfriend is doing the post-video, and the commonly used software is C4D, pr, etc. I glanced at it, and the dense function is one. There were rows and rows of them, and it made my scalp go numb.

I also use photoshop to process images, pp images or watermarks, etc. I didn’t expect video processing to be so complicated, so if I don’t watch videos to learn, I guess I don’t even understand the functions of the software.

This is another more important factor.

3. Expand the talk

What if you develop good learning habits?

In fact, whether it is watching videos or watching documents, our original intention is to improve our ability and knowledge level. But it seems that learning is a very boring thing. From childhood to adulthood, we have been instilled with the concept of “studying hard and improving every day”. Everything is aimed at improving grades, and educational resources are very different geographically. Unbalanced economic development is inevitable, and learning is the only way out of backwardness.

It’s a bit far-fetched. Talking about learning, there are very few people who always maintain a learning state. Time and energy are a convenience, and there is a method. This is also a common problem. I know that it is necessary to start with hobbies, cultivate my hobbies in the field that needs to be learned, and then expand 360 degrees around this direction. Personally, I think this is a very good plan.

At the beginning, I knew nothing about building websites, but I was still interested in it. With the only front-end knowledge, I started to explore, and slowly learned about the major website platforms, github, vercel, cf, etc. After playing more, I started slowly. Understand php, operation and maintenance and other fields, and learn simple knowledge by stumbling.

During this period, I met a lot of friends, who helped me and made progress in related technologies. At the same time, I will also provide them with technical support in my own field. This seems to be the spirit of open source. There is no closed door, and everyone will discuss various contents together.

Over time, I find that my knowledge seems to be richer than before, which is a correct way of learning. So I think learning in hobbies is a positive and energetic way.

Chat about your learning methods, leave a message or email me to discuss!

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